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Representative George Santos appears to be a fraud who’s lied about everything from his Jewish identity to his employment history. But that doesn’t mean the first-term Republican from New York deserves to be kicked out of Congress.

Democrats, naturally, see an opportunity to make hay about an embarrassing scandal by calling for him to resign. His predecessor, Tom Suozzi, goes further, arguing that Santos “must be removed by Congress or by prosecutors” since resignation isn’t going to happen. Some current House Democrats have also demanded expulsion. One has even pledged to introduce the Stopping Another Non-Truthful Office Seeker Act (the SANTOS Act, get it?), which would “require candidates to disclose under oath their employment, educational, & military history so we can punish candidates who lie to voters about their qualifications.”

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Matthew Yglesias is a columnist for Bloomberg.

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The question is: where did Santos get the money to loan his own campaign? And does New York have a recall measure under the law? The joker and liar is clearly unfit to serve.


The solution is...."elections"?? This is a simple case of fraud - that's it. If you buy a product that is advertised as doing a-z yet is knowingly ineffective at any of them, you have reason to get your money back or sue.

Stop normalizing bad and likely criminal behavior!


Another idea floated that explains Santos's free pass: Defunding of local newsrooms / unavailability of reporters to cover the story.


What a crock of hooey. The title should read "Should be ridden out of DC on a rail..."

Apparently as voters who are given the resumes of candidates by the candidates themselves, we should now have to follow "Caveat Emptor" when we go to the booth. The author conveniently uses one example about Warren and very little and Blumenthal. Even throws in the deniers. Santos hasn't been straight about anything.

What an apologist piece of cr@p.


So lame to be giving this crook a pass. I would ask two question: where did his money come from--how did he come up with the 70,000 to loan his own campaign? And who were the Republicans backing him and what did they know about him?


People should be held accountable for fraud and it does not matter which party profits from it. We all profit from holding elected leaders accountable to a minimum standard. Santos does not even come close.


“The opponent is supposed to unravel the lies?” That’s the problem with the ReTrublicans, cheating, lying, then looking the other way! Public service shouldn’t be unlawful or a lying contest. Boot his butt, and the American voter should never tolerate lying, or otherwise unethical activities!

Come on ReTrumplicans, get some scruples!

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