Commentary: Americans embrace the wisdom of being ‘nobody’

The American fascination with celebrity is strong. So strong that, as my Spanish wife has … Read more

Editorial: Ballot security will be the issue

More than 400 Oregonians, all of them living overseas, will have the opportunity to take … Read more

Editorial: Join forces for warming shelter

Bend has had at least four nights in the last couple of weeks that saw … Read more

Gerry O’Brien column: Feedback sought as we work through newspaper changes

As we continue to work through changes at The Bulletin, we wanted to give a … Read more

Commentary: Would you bet against Trump in 2020?

Each week brings a fresh batch of polls about the 2020 presidential campaign, but it’s … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers should end elected officials’ sweet deal

Elected officials in Oregon have, by and large, a sweet deal when it comes to … Read more

Editorial: Residential parking system won’t solve much

Parking in front of your house on the street in Bend may one day require … Read more

Guest column: Plan now to protect the Ochocos

Love it or hate it, the wilderness permit system for parts of the Central Cascades … Read more

Commentary: Why ‘Sesame Street’ is smarter about foster care than your local child welfare agency

When “Sesame Street” adds a character and a storyline to its fabled neighborhood, people notice. … Read more

Editorial: Bend makes progress on housing

Too often the news is grim about housing in Bend. Homelessness. Lack of housing for … Read more

Letters: Rent control was not enough; Feed the birds or not; Save the salmon; Not the cougars

Legislature’s rent control was not enough I for one, am not happy with the recent … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Mixing Kids, the elderly good for all

Some kids these days don’t spend their childhoods near the formerly standard sets of grandparents, … Read more

Historical editorial: Bend needs direct stage to Burns

Editor’s note: The following historic editorials originally published in The Bend Bulletin on Oct. 7, … Read more

Editorial: Hass right on records advocate

The Oregon Legislature created the office of Public Records Advocate and the Public Records Advisory … Read more

Editorial: State retirement system still a worry

You don’t have to be an accountant to know Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System is … Read more

Guest column: What is wrong with the Oregon Republican Party?

The Oregon Republican Party (ORP) has undergone a significant upheaval in 2019. This was precipitated … Read more

Commentary: Can we please stop talking about Medicare-for-all?

At Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, talking about health care pretty much meant talking about Medicare-for-all … Read more

Editorial: Voters, save recall for important matters

Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, won’t have to defend herself against a recall vote next … Read more

Editorial: Smoke now is better than wildfire later

When it comes to smoke from prescribed burns, people are generally in two camps: people … Read more

Guest column: The historic Gilchrist Mall is in peril

The historic Gilchrist Mall is in peril. The Mall is Gilchrist’s most architecturally and historically … Read more

Commentary: Get your flu shot this season

Influenza — the flu — is more than a bad cold. Seasonal outbreaks mean not … Read more

Editorial: Beefed up fireworks rules for Bend a good idea

Bend police responded on July 4 to fewer fireworks incidents this year than last. Police … Read more

Editorial: Homelessness in Bend won’t get better without action

Every night in Bend some people bed down in the cars, RVs and trailers they … Read more

Commentary: Lockdown drills: An American quirk, out of control

Here are some recent headlines from schools around the country: In Indiana, officials played a … Read more

Commentary: Why do conservatives support Trump? Because he implements conservative policies.

Because he implements conservative policies.

Critics of President Donald Trump often express bafflement over why his broad support among conservatives … Read more

Editorial: Plenty to like in records fee suggestion

Ginger McCall, Oregon’s first public records advocate, left office Friday with some suggestions for her … Read more

Editorial: Bend needs to know why housing failed

Why do multifamily housing projects fail in Bend? Financing? City or state regulations? The city … Read more

Guest column: The critical need to improve literacy in Oregon and what you can do

State test scores released last month by the Oregon Department of Education show that 54% … Read more

Gerry O’Brien column: Walden showing some success despite partisan divide

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, is not the lockstep Republican cheerleader some make him … Read more

Editorial: Hass has good idea for public records council

State Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton, a candidate for Secretary of State, said recently that he … Read more

Editorial: Allow Les Schwab on Third Street

If you want to travel Bend from north to south, Third Street is one of … Read more

Commentary: Tired of politics? Check out Saturn’s newly discovered moons.

Yes, the latest impeachment developments are very important. But please, I beg you, let’s take … Read more

Commentary: We want to protect kids. That doesn’t mean making our schools into fortresses.

Mass shootings wreck our sense of safety, and in their wake, communities often move to … Read more

Historical editorials: Saloon licensing and state law

Editor’s note: The following editorials were originally printed in The Bend Bulletin on Sept. 30, … Read more

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