Guest column: Our children are leading on climate change

Several Fridays this spring, local high school students protested climate crisis inaction by our nation’s … Read more

Editorial: Bend has some promising ideas for housing flexibility

Bend city councilors, staff and residents will always debate what the city should be doing … Read more

Editorial: Democrats stack the deck against ballot measure

Business groups have made it clear they don’t like House Bill 3427, a hidden sales … Read more

Guest column: Clean Energy Jobs a win for utility customers

As a volunteer leader with the Oregon Citizens’ Utility Board (CUB), I strongly support House … Read more

Commentary: Hong Kong and the future of freedom

Imagine if in 2018 the Trump administration had proposed legislation that would allow the government, … Read more

Editorial: Helt’s bills deserve more legislative attention

With roughly two weeks left in the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature, two bills … Read more

Guest column: Saving Mirror Pond and dam safety

This last April I contacted the Oregon State Dam Safety Engineer to request a change … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Study suggests four tools to fight homelessness

As Oregon continues to deal with a still-growing homeless population, the report prepared for the … Read more

Historical editorial: Murder investigation was a farce

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials originally appeared in the Bend Bulletin on Sept. 25, … Read more

Editorial: Just say no to feeding wildlife

It’s mighty tempting to feed the deer, gray squirrels, bunnies and other wild critters that … Read more

Editorial: Union won’t let members leave when they want

Joining the Oregon Education Association is simple for the approximately 44,000 educators who want to … Read more

Guest column: President Trump is delivering results on drug prices

Just over a year ago, President Donald Trump and his health secretary, Alex Azar, stood … Read more

Letters: Improve family medical leave; Crack down on campus parking; Don’t kill deer

Improve family medical leave Family comes first. I hear this so often from the pulpit, … Read more

Editorial: Woodriver Village deserves leeway on sidewalks

The Bend City Council’s direction to allow Woodriver Village to get an exemption from the … Read more

Editorial: Legislature prepares health care boon for state employees

What the Legislature takes away, the Legislature can return. Thus, thanks to House Bill 2266, … Read more

Guest column: We’ll be grateful for wilderness permit system

A permit system is coming to some popular trailheads in the central Cascades. The road … Read more

Letters: Sheriff Nelson did what was needed; Campus parking editorial was right; Oregon should not undo the Electoral College

Sheriff Nelson did what was needed It was disappointing to read The Bulletins critical assessment … Read more

Editorial: State shouldn’t dictate hospital charity care

Apparently with nothing better to do, a group of Oregon lawmakers has decided to take … Read more

Editorial: Legislature undermines Supreme Court’s Janus decision

Democrats in the Oregon Legislature paid their union dues on this session. Lawmakers approved, largely … Read more

Commentary: The future will be recorded, on your smart speaker

Amazon’s patent application for an always-on feature for Alexa, its popular voice-activated personal assistant, has … Read more

Commentary: The politics of dystopia

Here is a media story from the week that was. In the Netherlands, a depressed … Read more

Lukens column: At St. Charles Bend, physicians may not criticize quality of hospital care publicly

Hospital board claims members of medical staff support standing gag order

If your doctor believed St. Charles Bend was providing inadequate patient care, should he or … Read more

Editorial: Legislature taxes the trust of Oregonians

The reason Oregonians can put their absolute trust in state government is because our elected … Read more

Editorial: Pot expungement bill creates problems

Oregon is on its way to making it even easier for residents to have previous … Read more

Guest column: Oregon needs to pass campaign finance

At the end of March, Bend’s Republican Sen. Tim Knopp put forward Senate Joint Resolution … Read more

Editorial: Jury award bill’s failure a win for Oregonians

Tuesday Oregon lawmakers rejected a bill that would have dramatically raised the amount juries can … Read more

Editorial: Oregon foster care still isn’t where it needs to be

In January 2018 the Oregon secretary of state released a scathing audit of the state … Read more

Guest column: Collaboration on water is harder than picking a fight

Farmers and ranchers are often targeted by well-meaning individuals and groups who don’t quite appreciate … Read more

Commentary: Why people come to the U.S.

NENTÓN, Guatemala — To understand why President Donald Trump’s new sanctions and other flailing to … Read more

Editorial: Veterans and Walden deserve answers from the VA

Few people doubt this country’s verbal commitment to its veterans. But is it backed up … Read more

Guest column: Giving driver’s licenses to illegal residents will improve road safety

When we travel, we want to believe all drivers are licensed, that they passed an … Read more

Guest column: Don’t dictate what women should do with their bodies

Recently The Bulletin published a letter to the editor regarding restrictive abortion bans being signed … Read more

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