Commentary: What’s in a name? A political taste treat

As concerned citizens, I know you’re following the election action this summer. Tuesday is another … Read more

Editorial: Removing Shevlin Park bridge may be right, but it feels so wrong

Affection for covered bridge may be deeper than park district believes

The Bend Park & Recreation District can, and has, made a completely reasonable case to … Read more

Commentary: PRO: They are America’s aces in the hole in a competitive energy world

The key to ample supplies of energy resources rests with which are sustainable and which … Read more

Commentary: CON: Spending millions bailing out nuclear and wind producers will send consumer bills soaring

It may seem Americans don’t agree on much these days, but just about everyone agrees … Read more

Commentary: The Oscars have always been crass. Its new award for popular film merely embraces that.

On Wednesday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced it will introduce a … Read more

Commentary: The US needs to get smart about college outcomes

Americans with bachelor’s degrees stand to make $1 million more in their careers than those … Read more

Commentary: Further Balkanizing the Balkans is a recipe for disaster

When it comes to the future of the Balkans, the discourse is slowly leaning toward … Read more

Commentary: The private musings and short fuse of Elon Musk

Short sellers have a way of rattling even the most confident business leaders. A classic … Read more

Commentary: Liberals: Stop worrying about Kavanaugh and start winning the political argument

Liberals are torn about the nomination of U.S. Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s views on California water and wildfires are all wet

As if water and wildfire policies in the West weren't contentious enough, President Donald Trump … Read more

Commentary: Early-childhood intervention offers a brighter future to entire nations

The World Health Organization just announced an initiative that could improve millions of children’s lives … Read more

Editorial: State, feds must walk fine line

American health officials are, with good reason, working to get the nation’s opioid addiction problems … Read more

Editorial: Darkness not a win for all

The Bend City Council is poised to discuss the idea of making city skies darker … Read more

Commentary: Can I ruin your dinner party?

ROME — I’ve found lately that I can ruin any dinner party. It’s like magic. … Read more

Commentary: Democrats have zest, Republicans have grievances

Republicans seem to have held on, barely, to a U.S. House seat near Columbus, Ohio, … Read more

Commentary: Firefighting made prisoner whole

The people who fight raging wildfires in the West withstand unthinkable heat and smoke. To … Read more

Editorial cartoon

Read more

Commentary: Oregon’s independent streak may be misplaced

We Oregonians take great pride in our independence, so much so that we occasionally tell … Read more

Editorial: Judge deals blow to enviro group in local dam lawsuit

U.S. District Court Judge Michael Simon recently dismissed the case filed by the Deschutes River … Read more

Editorial: Redmond council makes a sound decision on taxes

The Redmond School Board decided Wednesday to put a $69.7 million bond on the November … Read more

Editorial: Public kept in the dark

Deschutes County planning commissioners meet Thursday to work on proposed changes to the county’s rules … Read more

Editorial: Forest Service skipped public input when limiting parking pass

The U.S. Forest Service pulled a switcheroo on the Northwest Forest Pass without asking the … Read more

Commentary: Trump can be Iran’s fool, too

I recently wrote that Iran’s leaders are smarter than President Donald Trump. Now I’m starting … Read more

Commentary: Craziness on the loose in public affairs

Don’t just stand there, do something, the old saying goes, and, in this peculiar, modern … Read more

Editorial: County finally kicks off audit of radio system

Starting about 8 months ago, The Bulletin began reporting on the problems of Deschutes County’s … Read more

Editorial: No magic bullet for PERS

You’d think, with the state Public Employees Retirement System’s pension funds showing a whopping 15.4 … Read more

Commentary: Children are being euthanized in Belgium

Deliberately taking a small child’s life is unlawful everywhere in the world, even when the … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s Supreme Court may target federal rule-making, but the government will survive

Mere months ago, most practicing lawyers probably couldn’t define the “Chevron doctrine,” even if they … Read more

Editorial: Don’t make housing more costly in Sisters

It’s a pipe dream that the proposed Sisters affordable housing tax is going to accomplish … Read more

Editorial: Farmers need USDA help

It’s bad enough farmers in Wasco and Sherman counties have watched their wheat crops go … Read more

Letters: Boddie should resign; Yoga is not a spa treatment; Wyden residency and representation; Tax studded tires; Boddie, do the right thing

Boddie should resign When I first heard of the allegations against Nathan Boddie I was … Read more

Commentary: Snow days can be educational, too

It’s August, and I’m dreaming of snow. Not because I want summer to end — … Read more

Commentary: We impostors and blowhards

Many of us secretly believe we’re fakes. One of the reasons for this might be … Read more

Commentary: US was right to give China’s navy the boot

The vast annual military operation known as the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) just … Read more

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