Letters: Act on climate change; Bethlehem Inn improves Central Oregon; Children don’t get to choose

Act on climate change I want to address one aspect of Paul deWitt’s letter concerning … Read more

Editorial: Keep code flexible for affordable housing

The Bend City Council announced this year an aggressive goal for creating new housing in … Read more

Editorial: Find solutions or user access may suffer

As Central Oregon grows, the Deschutes National Forest sees more visitors each year. That can … Read more

Commentary: Edgar Allen Poe’s legacy: a particular perception of madness

As we creep up on the 170th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s death (Oct. 7), … Read more

Commentary: Debunked! Most Americans do support the U.S. engaging in world affairs, not retreating

A powerful belief about American views of the world has taken hold among foreign policy … Read more

Editorial: Keep pushing to improve Bend’s downtown

Two years ago a group of business owners and residents got up before the Bend … Read more

Commentary: Understanding role of women is vital in fight against terrorism

Last month, the Defense Department’s inspector general issued a detailed report on conditions in the … Read more

Guest column: Don’t undermine protections of endangered species

The Trump Administration’s new rule to make economic considerations more important in endangered species listing … Read more

Editorial: Time to take another look at audit law

Oregon law requires most government bodies — everything from counties to cemetery districts — to … Read more

Editorial: Best is yet to come at Bend’s senior center

Bend’s seniors got good news recently when the Bend Park & Recreation District reopened the … Read more

Guest column: The unsatisfiable environmentalist

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Earth has 11 years … Read more

Commentary: Vaping finally has its Joe Cool moment

Christopher Columbus had been in the New World only a few days when he watched … Read more

Historical editorials: A problem with sharing water

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on Aug. 19, … Read more

Editorial: Here’s your chance for a safer neighborhood

The city of Bend and its 13 neighborhood associations want your help. Specifically, they want … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown got transparency matter wrong

It’s hard to know which would be uglier. Is it worse that Gov. Kate Brown … Read more

Commentary: What is the right industrial policy for America

One of the most striking things about current U.S. politics is a renewed interest in … Read more

Commentary: Oregon and resisting self-service

Poor Oregon. Not content to be one of only two states that still has bans … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown should prove again her commitment to transparency

Public officials can treat Oregon’s laws requiring government transparency with contempt or outright hostility. That’s … Read more

Editorial: Ending fire borrowing and forest health must go hand in hand

For years the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have had a problem: … Read more

Guest column: Human activity contributes to global warming

Currently, modern science is being deconstructed and devalued. Consider the issue of climate change. For … Read more

Commentary: 9/11 led me to Syria, Afghanistan and national service

I watched the twin towers collapse on a tiny television in my English classroom at … Read more

Editorial: Close the gap on water in the Deschutes Basin

Farmers near Madras and Culver have had to again this year let some of their … Read more

Editorial: Keep public in school-naming loop

Tuesday members of the Bend-La Pine Schools board will begin the process of naming what … Read more

Letters: No scooters for Bend; Need for wilderness restrictions; Thank a caseworker

Scooter troubles not needed in Bend I am commenting on this article originally published in … Read more

Commentary: Shareholder primacy means shareholders are paid last

The Business Roundtable touched off a storm of commentary with its abandonment of the “shareholder … Read more

Editorial: Where is the cooperation to solve Bend’s festival issue?

Bend’s downtown events may be great for those who attend them, but for merchants in … Read more

Editorial: Congress should look at taxes on electronic cigarettes

Not all cigarettes are equal under federal law. Electronic cigarettes are exempt from federal tobacco … Read more

Letters: Mule deer decline; Cougars and mule deer; Ineffectual leadership hurts education; The real border problem

Mule deer decline Recently, I read your article that basically said there is drastic decline … Read more

Commentary: Ronald Reagan, the diversity president

Many Republicans are worried about America’s changing demographics. But it was a Republican president — … Read more

Editorial: Say no to grocery checkout limits

To read the petition submitted to the Secretary Of State’s Office by the Oregon AFL-CIO … Read more

Editorial: Disclosure still the best voter insurance

On Sept. 4 the Oregon Supreme Court refused to delay hearing arguments in a campaign … Read more

Commentary: We need civics education in schools to build effective democratic citizens

It’s back-to-school time. Hoorah! Or perhaps not … It’s a tough few days. As one … Read more

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