Commentary: Why is Israel tossing the Saudis a lifeline?

As Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman tries to escape consequences for the murder of Jamal … Read more

Editorial: Avoid free speech limits

This election season in Oregon has been an expensive one, with the race for governor … Read more

Editorial: Oregon continues to fail foster children

A state audit found in January that Oregon’s child welfare system was so disorganized and … Read more

Letters: Bend needs new fee; Shift to renewable energy; Limit firearms

Bend needs new fee The Bulletin offered a strong editorial on Oct. 27 of a … Read more

Commentary: The midterm results are a warning to the Democrats

For months we’ve heard from sundry media apocalypticians that this year’s midterms were the last … Read more

Commentary: One big loser of the midterms: Russian hackers

Despite probing and trolling, a Russian cyberattack is the dog that did not bark in … Read more

Commentary: Forget excuses, What counts is winning elections

In the end it was only a blue ripple, and that should prompt soul-searching among … Read more

Commentary: Election night’s lost opportunities

From one standpoint, the election results Tuesday night weren’t a surprise. Democrats control the House. … Read more

Commentary: Getting Washington out of D.C.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced in August that he wanted to move the Economic Research … Read more

Editorial: Powell Butte couple prevails against LandWatch legal barrage

Central Oregon LandWatch is out to do environmental good as if chased by the devil. … Read more

Editorial: Redmond will need to try again with a school bond

Redmond School District officials have some serious thinking ahead of them. A school bond measure … Read more

Editorial: Department of Justice orders release of records related to Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

DOJ rejected claim that transparency would hamper credit market

For an organization devoted to clear air and clean water, the Oregon Department of Environmental … Read more

Letters: Stop horse slaughter; Political intolerance; Changes news placement; Walden on citizenship

Stop horse slaughter Oregonians love horses. As a horse rescue volunteer and equine business owner, … Read more

Commentary: What the working class is still trying to tell us

I was ready for massive Democratic turnout for the election on Tuesday. But I was … Read more

Commentary: Don’t believe homelessness myths

Bend, I’ve heard more than one person, including a couple of local politicians, say in … Read more

Letters: Wyden is wonderful; Courtesy is gone; Stop the stereotypes; Poor coverage; No carbon tax; Wrong values

Wyden is wonderful Your recent article about Sen. Ron Wyden’s visit to Mountain View High … Read more

Editorial: Prepare for the Legislature’s taxing superpowers

If you don’t like taxes, Wednesday was a rough morning in Oregon. Final results are … Read more

Editorial: Deja vu in Jefferson County

Jefferson County residents can be forgiven if the recent defeat of a jail operating levy … Read more

Guest column: U.S. should follow Canada’s example

Canada has increased its immigration targets for 2018 through 2020. Overall immigration into Canada for … Read more

Letters: Why septic?; Wrong on immigration; Party misconduct; Seems elementary; Stop the smoke

Why septic? As a resident of southeast Bend effected by the septic to sewer issue … Read more

Editorial: The Mirror Pond budget blowout

Is raising the price the best way to sell taxpayers on dredging?

Dredging Mirror Pond is a sensible use of city and park district money, yet leaders … Read more

Editorial: Stick to voluntary actions to meet Bend green goals

Bend city councilors are trying to be kind to the environment with their goal of … Read more

Guest column: Confessions of a foodie

As I am looking back over 40 years in the food business, from chef to … Read more

Letters: Wyden cares; men could learn from Women’s Studies; limit screen time for kids

Wyden cares A recent editorial criticized Sen. Ron Wyden for not doing more to protect … Read more

Editorial: School district has some explaining to do on fire safety

The front page of Sunday’s Bulletin featured an outrageous story of a lax attitude toward … Read more

Editorial: Don’t keep prison reforms secret

Fortunately for Oregonians, it can be difficult to keep secrets in Salem. Thus, news that … Read more

Letters: Vote for DeBone; Birth control or abortion; Who to boot?; Vote Walden and Buehler; Walden does care

Vote for DeBone Commissioner Anthony DeBone has earned our trust by being approachable and transparent … Read more

Commentary: How to vote if you care about health care

A professional acquaintance told me she received two booklets in the mail last week. The … Read more

Editorial: The Bulletin’s endorsements

Below are The Bulletin’s endorsements for the Nov. 6 election. The editorial board interviews candidates … Read more

Editorial: State should be open about pot grows

Drug manufacturers have to follow all sorts of rules to keep their products and the … Read more

Guest column: Share kindness and empathy, not cruelty

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We need leaders not in love with money but … Read more

Letters: Vote for Russell, McLeod-Skinner, Measure 102

Russell for Bend mayor I endorse Sally Russell for mayor, for the opposite reasons that … Read more

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