Commentary: Despite flaws, homeless count is worthwhile

If you look at the Homeless Leadership Coalition’s most recent point-in-time count, do so with … Read more

Letters: Punishment, not yoga in jail; Trump appeases Putin; Time to remove Trump

Punishment, not yoga in jail Yoga in jail? Really? Deschutes County is providing yoga instruction … Read more

Commentary: Second-tier universities do more with research funds

Productivity growth in developed countries has been slowing down, threatening to cause a long-term stagnation … Read more

Editorial: No-show Boddie should quit already

Bend City Councilor Nathan Boddie failed to attend the scheduled Wednesday night council meeting this … Read more

Editorial: Put somebody in charge of radio problems

It’s been about a year since Deschutes County launched its new digital radio system for … Read more

Commentary: ‘Up or out’ goes sideways

Question: Major law firms. Universities. The military. What do these institutions have in common? Answer: … Read more

Editorial: A bad push for pay equity

The idea may sound good: Public employee pay and benefits shouldn’t be greater than those … Read more

Editorial: Don’t hide information about day cares

Oregon regulators should be upfront with parents about problems identified at state licensed child-care centers. … Read more

Guest column: Don’t shift responsibility from Boddie

People need to be held accountable for their actions and language and the way they … Read more

Commentary: Lady Liberty’s radical history

At a time when immigration and indeed the very nature of America’s heritage is being … Read more

Editorial: Fix pot inspections and pot law

Oregon’s system for tracking medical marijuana is a mess of the state’s own making. It … Read more

Editorial: Don’t force schools to teach gun safety

Two Central Oregonians, Jerrad Robison of Redmond and Ston McDaniel of Prineville, already are working … Read more

Commentary: The murder-suicide of the West

When C.S. Lewis was a boy, his mother died. “With my mother’s death,” he wrote, … Read more

Letters: Trump is a success; Good decisions take time; Defending the right to farm

Trump has been a success Trump has largely fulfilled his promise to make America great … Read more

Editorial: Bend does not need to expand censure power

The Bend City Council’s rules for censure may block the council from being able to … Read more

Editorial: Settle turf war in favor of turf

The Bend planning commission didn’t reach a firm decision when it ruled recently about artificial … Read more

Guest column: Wanted: civility, kindness and respect

This is a response to the Guest Column written by Paul deWitt and printed in … Read more

Commentary: A better way to run schools

NEW ORLEANS — Twelve years later, Nigel Palmer still remembers the embarrassment of his first … Read more

Commentary: PRO: Kavanaugh is precisely what our nation needs

WASHINGTON — What can we expect of Brett Kavanaugh if he’s confirmed as Justice Anthony … Read more

Commentary: CON: His pick is bad news indeed for health care, women, consumers and unions

WASHINGTON — Brett Kavanaugh is a bad Supreme Court choice for most Americans. His political, … Read more

Guest column: Bend parks honor tradition and keep up with growth

As we store our July Fourth decorations, our biggest community event of the year, we … Read more

Commentary: No longer simply black or white

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has stirred plenty of debate about the fate … Read more

Editorial: Land-use process broken

Brianna and Eric Cadwell and John Shepherd are all too aware of a problem that … Read more

Editorial: Stop cheating Oregon on testing

Oregon has been cheating students and parents on testing. The recent announcement that Oregon high … Read more

Guest column: Support more statewide funding for CASA

A federal judge recently rejected the Trump Administration’s request to allow long-term detention of illegal … Read more

Guest column: Overreaction to unproven accusations about Nathan Boddie

The reflexive, knee-jerk rescinding of Democratic support for Oregon House District 54 candidate Nathan Boddie, … Read more

Commentary: Sometimes a friend just wants you to listen

Hearing the words “Why don’t you just?” makes you want to scream, smack somebody and … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s excellent Supreme Court pick

Go on, wrinkle your brow, grit your teeth, try to dream up a better nominee … Read more

Commentary: Democratic socialism will doom Dems

A political novice who calls herself a “democratic socialist” wins an unexpected Democratic Party primary … Read more

Commentary: Don’t damage our democracy by breaking up big tech

We’ve heard the saber-rattling from big tech critics who want to break up Facebook, Amazon, … Read more

Editorial: A slingshot, a bus shelter and a court opinion worth reading

Oregon Appeals Court ruling dispenses common sense with a smile

For pure reading enjoyment, Oregon Court of Appeals opinions aren’t in the same league as … Read more

Editorial: Public still needs answers

It’s still unclear what exactly led to the firing of Joe McHaney, now the former … Read more

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