Editorial: Pay attention. You’re driving

On July 1, Oregon gets really, really tough about distracted driving. That’s the day new, … Read more

Commentary: Severing ZTE’s head leaves the US battling a hydra

Penalties meted out by the U.S. on ZTE Corp. were meant to punish the company … Read more

Commentary: Scott Pruitt is going to be fired very soon

In the 2016 primaries, Scott Pruitt did not initially support Donald Trump (he was on … Read more

Commentary: Beware the threat of inflation

For nearly a decade, inflation hawks have been waiting to be right once a day. … Read more

Commentary: The government went after the wrong deal

So it turns out that Makan Delrahim had it exactly right back in the fall … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: At fast-food eatery, jobs disappear as minimum wage rises

Oregon has one of the highest minimum wages in the country, currently $10.25 per hour. … Read more

Editorial: Tell taxpayers why Madras pool director was fired

Joe McHaney is no longer the executive director of the Madras Aquatic Center Recreation District. … Read more

Column: The Bulletin debuts monthly historic reprint. Welcome to January 1918

We aspire to reprint a century-old edition of The Bend Bulletin monthly

Readers of the print edition of The Bulletin will notice an extra section today. It’s … Read more

Commentary: A flip by Michael Cohen would be a catastrophe for Trump

Often in recent years, Michael Cohen has said things like, “I will do anything to … Read more

Commentary: Republicans are tired of all the losing

The Pew Research Center is out with a fascinating poll on “news fatigue.” The poll … Read more

Commentary: Trump, North Korea and positive possibilities

Once upon a time it was fire and fury and loads of sanctions like nobody … Read more

Commentary: Trump and Kim can learn much from prosperous, effective Singapore

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un spent such a short … Read more

Commentary: Recognizing the value of experience

Ever since the first college campus was created, its program of studies, modes of instruction … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown, please debate in nowhere-land

Oregon east of the Cascades is, once again, “the middle of nowhere,” as former Gov. … Read more

Editorial: Reconsider smartphone gaming

Oregon — the state, not its people — is addicted to gambling. The lottery provides … Read more

Commentary: Verdict on Singapore — better real estate deals than bombing runs

WASHINGTON — For a president who normally adheres to his own doctrine of infallibility, Donald … Read more

Commentary: TV used to unite Americans; now it divides them

ABC made the right decision when it canceled the sitcom “Roseanne” last week after the … Read more

Commentary: Personalism: The philosophy we need

A life in journalism shows people are always way more complicated than you think. We … Read more

Commentary: The Justice Department’s inspector general deserves some credit

The report released Thursday by the Justice Department inspector general on the lead up to … Read more

Editorial: Bill Moseley’s useful candidacy

Would-be mayor will focus debate on key problems and the city’s inability to solve them

On Tuesday, Bend City Councilor Bill Moseley announced his intention to run for mayor. The … Read more

Editorial: DHS should inform the public about foster care

There are always going to be problems in a foster care system. The challenges foster … Read more

Editorial: No need for new voting law

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has announced he will pursue a state law to … Read more

Guest column: Reproductive rights are deeply connected to LGBTQ rights

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) young people have found the courage and … Read more

Commentary: Let’s learn a lesson from Reed Smoot

A guy I worked with years ago used to call me “Reed Smoot,” probably just … Read more

Editorial: Bring an end to river turf battle

Artificial turf is not for everyone, but its installation near the river in Bend shouldn’t … Read more

Editorial: Give us more information

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office announced this week that its adult jail has passed its … Read more

Letters: A poor city on a hill; Don’t embolden Bundys; Protect all Oregonians

A poor city on a hill Matthew 5:14, “You [Jesus] are the light of the … Read more

Commentary: Trump was outfoxed in Singapore

It sure looks as if President Donald Trump was hoodwinked in Singapore. Trump made a … Read more

Editorial: Retreat from the war on cars

Nobody should deny Bend has a war on cars. The city’s Climate Action Steering Committee … Read more

Editorial: Time to let the public know

Joe McHaney, director of the Madras Aquatic Center and the community’s Kids Club, was put … Read more

Commentary: Trendy bans on plastic straws are mostly bunk

New York’s top cocktail bars are facing something of a crisis. A fashionable global protest … Read more

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