Commentary: Coming to defense of not-so-cute animals

Way back in 1979, the evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould made a case that cuteness … Read more

Editorial: Get patients some cold and allergy relief

Methamphetamine is bad. Very bad. That pretty much goes without saying. And pseudoephedrine is an … Read more

Editorial: Chinook return still a work in progress

That 46 upper basin spring Chinook salmon have made their way to the Upper Deschutes … Read more

Commentary: Facebook’s venture into cryptocurrency is a terrible idea

Living on the fringes of Silicon Valley and writing about the gold standard, I have … Read more

Commentary: The ‘Trump Doctrine’: He’d rather talk than fight

No matter how the current crisis between the United States and Iran turns out, it … Read more

Editorial: Bend may have a bag ban breakthrough

The Bend City Council’s plastic bag ban belongs in the trash. Councilors are considering repealing … Read more

Editorial: Legislature shows poor commitment to transparency

The Oregon Legislature’s interest in improving government transparency is as shallow as it can be … Read more

Commentary: A dose of optimism!

Someone recently gave me a book of photos taken on the Lower East Side of … Read more

Commentary: Burnout a crisis among physicians in training

This month, the American Medical Association invested $15 million dollars in eight ambitious programs to … Read more

Editorial: House should let petition bill die

It’s clearly not enough for the Oregon Legislature’s Democrats that they can impose new taxes, … Read more

Editorial: Legislature should give Deschutes County a needed judge

Amid all the other things that Oregon lawmakers may cram into the last few days … Read more

Commentary: The downing of MH17 rallied the West against Russia. Now? Not so much.

When 283 passengers and 15 crew members boarded the Kuala Lumpur-bound Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 … Read more

Commentary: Kids growing horns on their heads? Don’t panic.

Kids are growing horns on their heads, and guess what? It’s technology’s fault. They’re not … Read more

Editorial: Give Bend voters more say in who represents them

Voters shouldn’t be bypassed to choose who governs Bend. That’s why the Bend City Council … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Next election, vote your conscience

It feels way too early to be talking presidential politics, but after a long weekend … Read more

Letters: Better iPad supervision needed; Don’t resist health care choice; Congress should compromise; Fix the dirt roads

Better supervision needed I found the article in The Bulletin concerning iPads used at Bend-La … Read more

Historical editorial: Why Bend?

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on Oct. 16, 1903. … Read more

Editorial: Proposed home-sharing law ripe for abuse

The Legislature may not have enough days left for a bill that would give people … Read more

Editorial: Don’t hatch Bend transportation plan in secret

The very first meeting of the committee planning Bend’s transportation future had an important agenda … Read more

Don’t limit bills

Oregon lawmakers have introduced more than 2,700 bills for consideration during the 2019 legislative session … Read more

Guest column: Job outlook for college graduates… is college worth the time and money?

Why do students shell out tens of thousands of dollars per year at colleges? So … Read more

Commentary: Harvard’s false path to wisdom

Over the past year and a half, the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School … Read more

Editorial: Leave bill is too complex, too expensive

If Oregonians are lucky, the legislative clock will run out before lawmakers make House Bill … Read more

Guest column: What it means to be a junior water right holder

This is my 50th year farming in Madras. I’m the son of an Idaho farmer … Read more

Guest column: Alcohol and Central Oregon’s summer do not need to mix

The sight of taps at a communitywide event or a reveler sipping an adult beverage … Read more

Editorial: Mishmash of rules even worse than limits

Oregon apparently won’t get strict — or even loose — limits on political giving this … Read more

Editorial: Bend plunges toward new paid parking policy

The Bend City Council is set to adopt a policy on Wednesday that will surely … Read more

Commentary: My father is a conservative and I’m an anarchist, but hunting still connects us

My first real memory of my father is of blood and gunpowder. The dark of … Read more

Commentary: Corporations shouldn’t be able to patent your DNA

The practice of patenting genes, once banned by the Supreme Court, may come back soon … Read more

Lukens column: Survey says Bend residents want wider roads, more lanes, better intersections

A funding measure that ignores taxpayers’ wishes will fail

Bend City Council agreed recently to pay communications firm Barney & Worth in excess of … Read more

Editorial: Bend shouldn’t try to tax its way to more housing

Just after the Central Oregon Business Index turned down in the first quarter, the city … Read more

Editorial: Oregon should not rush into big healthcare change

Oregon lawmakers are taking the first steps toward providing a single-payer health system for everyone … Read more

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