Letters: Electoral College outdated; Walden fails; Sad differences; For McLeod-Skinner; Support DeBone; Russell for mayor

Electoral College outdated The last election for president of the United States should have been … Read more

Guest column: Vote for abortion-funding measure

Let’s clear up some misconceptions of Measure 106. Measure 106 DOES NOT take away a … Read more

Guest column: Honesty important in mayor’s race

Integrity and honesty in politics are getting rarer by the day. Now that we have … Read more

Guest column: True freedom and McLeod-Skinner in Washington

I grew up in rural Oregon. We raised cattle, built fences and rode horses. We … Read more

Guest column: Measure 102 means homes for families

Working hard should mean you can afford to live in your community and keep a … Read more

Editorial: Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

State refuses to disclose subsidies distributed under complex ‘clean fuels’ law

The Secretary of State’s Office recently released a summary of lessons learned from Oregon’s disastrous … Read more

Guest column: ’Sanctuary’ law doesn’t shield criminals

Why would Oregonians vote to repeal a law that has worked well for 31 years … Read more

Letters: Walden a no-show; which ‘you’?; vote for Buehler

Walden a no-show No one should be surprised that The Bulletin endorsed Rep. Greg Walden … Read more

Editorial: Approve Redmond school bond

Voters in the Redmond School District, which extends from Crooked River Ranch to parts of … Read more

Editorial: Museum levy is a bargain

Crook County’s Bowman Museum thrives, in part, because county taxpayers have supported it over the … Read more

Guest column: Send McLeod-Skinner to Washington

Like many others these days, I think the U.S. Congress has become completely dysfunctional. There … Read more

Letters: Vaccine stance disappoints; Walden against health care; Vote for Lowes, wildlife

Vaccine stance disappoints I was surprised and disappointed to read Knute Buehler’s comments during the … Read more

Editorial: Buehler the best choice for Oregon

With all Gov. Kate Brown’s years in power, all the billions spent, all the supposed … Read more

Guest column: Goodman-Campbell a voice for Bend

The Bend City Council race between Gena Goodman-Campbell and Andrew Davis exemplifies the hidden effects … Read more

Letters: Health care matters in this election

Health care an issue I am a self-employed bookkeeper and business consultant here in Bend. … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Vote ‘no’ on Measure 105

Inflammatory immigration initiative is a solution in search of a problem

Oregon voters will be asked this fall to repeal Oregon’s so-called sanctuary law. Adopted roughly … Read more

Editorial: No need for Buehler’s tax returns

It should come as no surprise that two former Oregon governors, both Democrats, have asked … Read more

Letters: Walden steps up; Walden helps vets; Most effective congressman

Walden steps up As my mother’s durable power of attorney, I went to the Social … Read more

Guest column: Moseley’s standing up for Bend

We’ve lived in Bend for 15 years and observed closely how city councilors are elected, … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: McCormick for Bend City Council

There’s really only one good candidate for the Bend City Council Position 6. Sarah McCormick … Read more

Editorial: Vote no on Measure 106

Oregonians have a long and proud history of protecting all women’s right to an abortion, … Read more

Guest column: Don’t fault builders for housing crisis

Shame on you Eileen Kiely! In your Sept. 18-19 interview on KTVZ you very clearly … Read more

Letters: Thumb twiddler Walden; McLeod-Skinner represents us; Time for Democrats to act

Thumb twiddler Walden Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Greg Walden twiddled his thumbs during his … Read more

Editorial: Fitch for mayor and Bullock, Clark-Endicott and Patrick for Redmond Council

Voters have been put in an awkward spot by the choices for Redmond mayor and … Read more

Guest column: State should mandate specific subjects

I am writing in response to The Bulletin editorial (Oct. 2 “Don’t micromanage high school … Read more

Guest column: Walden’s bill is not the answer for Crooked River Ranch

My family and I live at Crooked River Ranch. We chose to build our home … Read more

Guest column: McLeod-Skinner is the healthy choice for Congress

It’s easier to turn away from a candidate that is despicable than from one that … Read more

Guest column: Bill Moseley for Bend mayor

As a small-business owner in downtown Bend, I have had the privilege of working with … Read more

Guest column: Oregon needs a course correction

As the nation gears up for the mid-term elections, Oregon voters are faced with critical … Read more

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