Commentary: No longer simply black or white

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court has stirred plenty of debate about the fate … Read more

Editorial: Land-use process broken

Brianna and Eric Cadwell and John Shepherd are all too aware of a problem that … Read more

Editorial: Stop cheating Oregon on testing

Oregon has been cheating students and parents on testing. The recent announcement that Oregon high … Read more

Guest column: Support more statewide funding for CASA

A federal judge recently rejected the Trump Administration’s request to allow long-term detention of illegal … Read more

Guest column: Overreaction to unproven accusations about Nathan Boddie

The reflexive, knee-jerk rescinding of Democratic support for Oregon House District 54 candidate Nathan Boddie, … Read more

Commentary: Sometimes a friend just wants you to listen

Hearing the words “Why don’t you just?” makes you want to scream, smack somebody and … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s excellent Supreme Court pick

Go on, wrinkle your brow, grit your teeth, try to dream up a better nominee … Read more

Commentary: Democratic socialism will doom Dems

A political novice who calls herself a “democratic socialist” wins an unexpected Democratic Party primary … Read more

Commentary: Don’t damage our democracy by breaking up big tech

We’ve heard the saber-rattling from big tech critics who want to break up Facebook, Amazon, … Read more

Editorial: A slingshot, a bus shelter and a court opinion worth reading

Oregon Appeals Court ruling dispenses common sense with a smile

For pure reading enjoyment, Oregon Court of Appeals opinions aren’t in the same league as … Read more

Editorial: Public still needs answers

It’s still unclear what exactly led to the firing of Joe McHaney, now the former … Read more

Editorial: Nuisance ordinance could help Prineville

The Prineville City Council is considering an ordinance giving police a tool to deal with … Read more

Guest column: Walden needs to revise fire protection bill

Another fire season has arrived, and with it comes a familiar anxiety for me and … Read more

Letters: Pardon was a ploy for votes; Open letter to Walden about Trump; A way to serve the county

Pardon a ploy for votes Trump’s pardon of the Hammonds of Eastern Oregon happened for … Read more

Letters: Friend of the harasser; Improper criticism; Oppose Trump; GOP becomes Trumpist

Friend of the harasser A recent Supreme Court ruling in a case (Epic Systems Corp. … Read more

Commentary: The quiet death of racial progress

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to write a comforting column. The thesis … Read more

Editorial cartoon

Read more

Editorial: End no-poaching employment practice

Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon’s attorney general, has joined her counterparts in nine other states and the … Read more

Editorial: Texting slips through public records loophole

When a city councilor, school official or state worker sends a text message relating to … Read more

Commentary: New weapons against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

It's frustrating enough when progress in medicine plods along slowly, but downright alarming when it … Read more

Letters: Who is racist; Lost driving privileges; Guilty until proven innoncent; Headline was demeaning

Headline was demeaning On July 7, The Bulletin ran an article with a headline “Boddie … Read more

Editorial: Trump, Walden did right in Hammond pardon

Tuesday, President Donald Trump granted full pardons to Dwight and Steven Hammond, the Harney County … Read more

Editorial: DHS works to delay and conceal progress on foster care

What a terrible time for the Oregon Department of Human Services to conceal what it’s … Read more

Guest column: Reflections on July 4th, civility and American pride

While watching the 4th of July parade in Bend, I was struck by the plethora … Read more

Commentary: The village that raised Kavanaugh

In the weeks ahead, we’re going to spend a lot of time going over Brett … Read more

Editorial: Nathan Boddie needs to step down from his House race and resign from the Bend City Council

Nathan Boddie should drop out of the race to represent Bend in the Oregon House … Read more

Editorial: Time to limit Chandler parking

As developers move closer to building a five-story apartment building on Chandler Avenue in southwest … Read more

Guest column: Hey FIFA, stop making a joke of your great, great game

Here we go, soccer fans; we’re down to the final rounds of The World Cup, … Read more

Letters: Immigration blame game; No e-bikes on trails; Bad forest management

The blame game and immigration Where does the blame for allowing children to enter the … Read more

Commentary: CON: US withdrawal from UN’s Human Rights Council send wrong message to world

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Trump administration shot itself in the foot by withdrawing from the … Read more

Commentary: PRO: UN’s Human Rights Council reeks of hypocrisy; US was right to leave

WASHINGTON — The Human Rights Council’s recent vote to investigate Israel for its response to … Read more

Commentary: The moist mystery of Scott Pruitt’s resignation

Gauche and greedy and dirty, Scott Pruitt had no business being in what we still … Read more

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