Commentary: How Russia could force a nuclear war in the Baltics

Would the U.S. fight a nuclear war to save Estonia? The question would probably strike … Read more

Editorial: Chalk one up for openness

Open government advocates won a victory last week right here in Deschutes County. Thanks largely … Read more

Editorial: OSU-Cascades needs state nurturing

Oregon State University’s Cascades campus continues to grow. That growth, in turn, should serve as … Read more

Commentary: A ray of light in the mysterious case of an American missing in Iran

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Iran hostage crisis. It … Read more

Guest column: The unreported positive benefits of tax exemptions for data centers

An Oct. 25 article in The Oregonian that appeared two days later in The Bulletin … Read more

Editorial: Keep the community in the loop in school board search

Already the Bend-La Pine School Board has begun the process of looking for a successor … Read more

Editorial: Share the fix on student records

Oregon’s Department of Education has work to do if student records and other information kept … Read more

Commentary: The Berlin Wall’s Chinese shadow

Even more than the commemoration marked a decade ago, the 30th anniversary this Saturday of … Read more

Commentary: Hugs won’t defeat Mexican drug cartels

Phooey on Trump tweets. That’s what I usually say, but not the other day when … Read more

Editorial: How should Bend pay its transportation bill?

$290 million for transportation. One way or another Bend residents will be paying for that. … Read more

Historical editorials: Mail should not serve whims of Prineville bars

Editor’s note: The following editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on Oct. 28, 1940 … Read more

Commentary: OK kids. This boomer has had enough.

As a baby boomer myself, I have mixed feelings about the latest linguistic weapon of … Read more

Commentary: No, America doesn’t need a hate speech law

Before serving as undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs from 2013 to … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes court system steps up on foster cases

If Oregon is going to improve the way it cares for children in its foster … Read more

Commentary: Kindness isn’t just nice — it’s more effective

As politics metastasizes through all parts of American life, it seems as though everything must … Read more

Commentary: I worked on political ads at Facebook, which profits in part by manipulating us

I joined Facebook in June 2018 as its “head of Global Elections Integrity Ops” in … Read more

Editorial: Top Oregon officials should set a good example

If there’s anything that frustrates Oregonians, it’s politicians or government employees using their position for … Read more

Editorial: Libraries, publishers need each other

It’s a fight that shouldn’t happen. As of Nov. 1 the book publisher Macmillan has … Read more

Guest column: Bend City Council should support climate action plan

Bend’s draft climate plan is a serious, thoughtful call to action and deserves unanimous City … Read more

Commentary: Warren’s health care plan will cost more than she says

Elizabeth Warren claims she can pay for her 10-year, $52 trillion health care plan without … Read more

Editorial: Don’t leave fire safety to the neighbors

Oregon has been lucky this year. Wildfires have been held to a minimum all summer … Read more

Editorial: Step up and report suspected abuse

The Oregon Department of Human Services reported 362 child neglect cases in Deschutes County in … Read more

Guest column: Medical professionals deserve our thanks

Thanks to the extraordinary skill, professionalism, and care of the staff at St. Charles Bend, … Read more

Guest column: Will the public’s money fix our roads?

Every city communication for the 20-year transportation plan claims the city’s projects will address the … Read more

Editorial: Douglas County D.A. got records request all wrong

It’s hard not to believe there’s something wrong going on in Douglas County. The district … Read more

Editorial: Reconsider move to permanent daylight time

Oregon lawmakers decided during the 2019 legislative session that Pacific Standard Time had to go. … Read more

Guest column: President Donald Trump must go

In response to Maralyn Thoma’s letter, she called Donald Trump “a duly elected president,” forgetting … Read more

Guest column: We call all help reduce traffic congestion

Survey after survey shows that traffic congestion as our community’s No. 1 concern. And folks … Read more

Editorial: Prineville water contract finally a reality

It’s taken years and an act of Congress to bring water security to the city … Read more

Editorial: Sound off on plan for Pilot Butte

The love for Pilot Butte in Bend can be voracious. Walkers, dogs, runners, bikers, motorcyclists … Read more

Editorial: Don’t hide financials of Oregon sports betting

Sports betting is a multibillion dollar business. That’s not going away. So the state of … Read more

Janet Stevens column: It’s cold — and deadly — outside

If you’re homeless, you’re entering the most dangerous time of the year, I suspect. Cold … Read more

Guest column: Walton Lake obstruction comes at expense of forest health, public safety

As Michael Kohn reported in The Bulletin, the Ochoco National Forest has long sought to … Read more

Letters: Baffling signs; Not the president I want to lead; The long nightmare

Baffling signs I have lived in Bend for five years and I frequently find the … Read more

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