Letters: Vote to make change; Witchcraft from Salem; Don’t make healthcare more expensive; Why do legislators need training to be respectful; Pay teachers more

Vote to make change I found it very disheartening to read Charlie Young’s recent letter … Read more

Editorial: Bend did not do enough to help neighbors of homeless shelter

Half a dozen visitors got up at Wednesday’s Bend City Council meeting and told councilors … Read more

Editorial: Amendment wouldn’t fix housing bill

House Speaker Tina Kotek’s House Bill 2001 cuts communities out of deciding how they grow. … Read more

Guest column: Take action now for the climate

I am 16 years old; this is my speech from the Bend High Environmental Walkout: … Read more

Guest column: Oregon’s lawmakers focus on the wrong issue

We’re proud to call Oregon our home. We appreciate that Oregonians don’t quite follow the … Read more

Editorial: Lottery winners should not be granted anonymity

Winning the lottery in Oregon may bring piles of cash, but it could also bring … Read more

Column: Former foster child, furry pal star in calendar

Put a really cute little blond boy together with an equally attractive Australian labradoodle, and … Read more

Guest column: Recognize Medal of Honor recipients

The United States Congress created “National Medal of Honor Day” in 1990. It is always … Read more

Historical editorial: Not Dr. Perkins’ fault

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in The Bulletin on April 24, 1903. Under … Read more

Editorial: Stop the Legislature from taking kicker money

Oregon taxpayers may have heard they would be getting a big, fat kicker check on … Read more

Editorial: Action, not substance, is the problem

Oregon Senate Bill 970, a committee bill with no individual sponsor, makes changes in the … Read more

Commentary: Colorado gives up its say over who wins the presidency

Colorado’s new law that awards the state’s electoral votes to the candidate who gets the … Read more

Commentary: How can anyone defend Harvey Weinstein? Duty.

The outcry at Harvard University about Winthrop House dean and law professor ­Ronald ­Sullivan joining … Read more

Editorial: ACLU wrong to oppose bill allowing people to sell own health information

Health providers and technology companies are looking for ways to make money off your personal … Read more

Editorial: Sometimes smoke is good

Bend is likely to be smoky this year. If all goes well, however, a relatively … Read more

Guest column: Diseases prevented by immunization are a public responsibility

Oregon House Bill 3063 proposes to close the “philosophical exemption” loophole in our childhood immunization … Read more

Letters: La Pine article ignored the good; Disappointed in La Pine story; Improve roofs; Protect and defend; Withdraw U.S. support

Article ignored the good The recent article about health and La Pine has my blood … Read more

Editorial: No special treatment for the press

The Oregon Legislature has, for now, at least a dozen bills dealing with public records … Read more

Editorial: Taxpayers should not have to fund candidates they don’t like

Somebody — or somebodies — in the Legislature has proposed a new solution to the … Read more

Guest column: Don’t turn back on medical progress

Last week a major new study yet again confirmed there is no connection between the … Read more

Commentary: The 8-year-old homeless refugee chess champion

In a homeless shelter in Manhattan, an 8-year-old boy is walking to his room, carrying … Read more

Lukens column: Appointment of secretary of state is no cause for GOP outrage

Gov. Brown is not obligated to serve the interests of the Republican Party

Gov. Kate Brown is preparing to name a successor to Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, … Read more

Editorial: Let voters decide on death penalty

Oregonians have been of two minds about the death penalty over the years. That’s why … Read more

Editorial: Put Mirror Pond dredging to a vote

Bend city councilors discussed the future of Mirror Pond again Wednesday. Though they didn’t reach … Read more

Guest column: Remove non-medical vaccine exemption

Since Edward Jenner’s development of the first effective vaccine in 1796, to prevent smallpox, medicine … Read more

Editorial: Ballot measures should be clear about funding

Ballot measures are not always the best way to conduct public policy, but they do … Read more

Editorial: Don’t means test mortgage deduction

Oregon lawmakers continue to look for new and creative ways to reach into taxpayers’ pockets. … Read more

Guest column: Don’t gag Title X family planning funding

I am your neighbor, and have been a registered nurse for 49 years. I love … Read more

Commentary: Want to help fight climate change? Have more children

Fear of climate change is justified. It is not, however, a reason not to have … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers’ misguided push to erase criminal history

When an Oregon governor issues a pardon, it can send a powerful message. It can … Read more

Guest column: Mosaic Medical makes Central Oregon a better place

This fall, I was invited to join the Mosaic Medical board of directors. Little did … Read more

Stevens column: Legal aid an important piece of justice

They’re the civil law version of public defenders, and as such, legal aid lawyers in … Read more

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