Editorial: Federal government needs to complete hemp rules

Oregon farmers hoping to get into the hemp business have a problem. While both the … Read more

Editorial: Resign to run may create new Bend problem

The city of Bend’s change in form of government last year was supposed to give … Read more

Editorial: Any new carbon bill should return money to Oregonians

The 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature was a doozy. With supermajorities in each house, … Read more

Commentary: Scaling Wokeback Mountain

WASHINGTON — I was feeling on edge. Writing a column that sparks an internecine fight … Read more

Commentary: Congress must pass trade agreement

Last month, the government of Mexico ratified the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The very next day, Canadian … Read more

Lukens column: How a savvy business, shallow reporting have given Eugene a hate-crime headache

SafeHome.org used crime data exactly as FBI says not to

Is Eugene one of the nation’s hate-crime capitals? Don’t count on it. But that’s one … Read more

Editorial: Oregon shortchanges special education

It’s no secret that educating K-12 students who qualify for special education services costs more … Read more

Editorial: State shouldn’t be blocking pot competition

Oregon has a backlog of some 1,000 pot-related businesses seeking licenses from the state. The … Read more

Commentary: The NCAA deserves its greedy reputation. Expanding athletic scholarships could change that

The NCAA and its member schools have long had an image problem. The public perceives … Read more

Editorial: Don’t use state health care program as an ATM

Does your job not pay enough? Rent too expensive? Need a college degree? Where do … Read more

Editorial: Jefferson EMS should not hamstring merger

It’s time leadership of the Jefferson County Emergency Services District got the point: It needs … Read more

Letters: Tipping craziness; Preparedness in jeopardy; Hoping for The Bulletin; Don’t go easy on Boquist

Tipping craziness The Bulletin’s recent article about tipping reveals an idiocy that is becoming “normal.” … Read more

Commentary: This aspect of Jeffrey Epstein’s plea bargain has been largely overlooked

Let’s separate the dramatic from the significant in the arrest and jailing of Jeffrey Epstein, … Read more

Editorial: Madras highlights need for land use changes

The Madras City Council voted on June 25 to bring 1,089 acres of land inside … Read more

Historical editorials: Crooked River bridge needed

The following historical editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin. The first two are from … Read more

Guest column: Two bad city decisions: Juniper Ridge and bag ban

I read with interest your article about the Juniper Ridge area. I could not help … Read more

Commentary: The Trump administration is actually doing something great on health care

The Trump administration’s latest proposal to reduce the cost of treating kidney disease by encouraging … Read more

Editorial: Another state green program flounders

State government is once again supplying just what residents have come to expect from state … Read more

Editorial: School board members should be elected, not appointed

The Culver School District finds itself in a difficult position. Board member Dave Slaght was … Read more

Guest column: Bipartisan accomplishments highlight legislative session

When I ran for the Legislature, I pledged to be an inclusive and independent voice … Read more

Commentary: Perot didn’t win, but he did change America

“I’m all ears!” With that self-deprecating one-liner in a debate against President George H.W. Bush … Read more

Editorial: Time to calm down about state Sen. Brian Boquist

Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas, may be something of a hothead. That doesn’t necessarily mean, … Read more

Editorial: Bad advice from Bend on bag ban

Plastic bag bans are a mixed bag, and Bend’s handling of its ordinance is truly … Read more

Guest column: The Bulletin needs more objective sources for its news stories

As a subscriber and frequent contributor to The Bulletin, I appreciate the fact that it … Read more

Commentary: American pride is now apparently a partisan issue

To the lengthy list of issues that divide Republicans from Democrats, add this seemingly nonpartisan … Read more

Editorial: Bend should get serious about community participation

Almost every candidate who runs for Bend City Council says something along the lines of: … Read more

Editorial: Cybersecurity: Plan, money are key to DAS success

Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s office released its latest audit on July 3, this one … Read more

Commentary: Writing with your eyes closed

Joel Burcat’s debut novel, “Drink to Every Beast,” isn’t climbing bestseller lists or getting attention … Read more

Commentary: Mohammed bin Salman is our newest Saddam Hussein

Once upon a time, there was a brutal and reckless dictator of an oil-rich Arab … Read more

Lukens column: Democratic legislators to Oregon voters: Drop dead

Just-concluded session was a protracted expression of contempt for voters

Oregon voters established Democratic supermajorities in both chambers of the Legislature last November while returning … Read more

Editorial: The return of the it’s-a-personnel-matter dodge

It’s a personnel matter and I cannot comment further. How many times does government use … Read more

Editorial: Arrests, not mask ban, are the answer

Portland has had its share of ugly clashes between groups of protesters in the last … Read more

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