Letters: No more nice in Bend; Be civil; Bulletin is something to value

No more nice in Bend Bend’s informal and uplifting slogan is “Be Nice, You’re In … Read more

Commentary: Rebuilding Notre Dame is more than a vanity project

Is it a waste of money to spend the billions of euros that will be … Read more

Letters: Fish passage and Mirror Pond; Parking hassle; Piping canals; Follow New Zealand

Fish passage and Mirror Pond There is no question that if the city and park … Read more

Commentary: It’s not the collusion, it’s the corruption

The Mueller report is like a legal version of a thriller movie in which three … Read more

Editorial: An app should not be required to park

Bend has its share of pricey problems. Unfortunately, city government makes some problems harder than … Read more

Editorial: Another bleak ODE audit update

Oregon’s high school graduation rate, about 80%, is abysmal. Yet taken at face value, one … Read more

Lukens column: Bend leaders still spooked by 2016 gas-tax fiasco

Three-year-old failure colors choice of communications firm for new effort

Bend’s Great Gas Tax Fiasco occurred more than three years ago, but it continues to … Read more

Letters: Clarifying some points; Protect wolves; Keep Bend’s feel

Clarifying some points Re: Transportation story April 13. Two points of clarification: The consulting firm … Read more

Editorial: Forest Service’s underwhelming wilderness access plan

In maybe only a few weeks or days, the Forest Service will release more details … Read more

Editorial: Brown’s action a good sign

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has had enough. After more than a year of criticism of … Read more

Guest column: COCC is cooperating with law enforcement to keep the campus safe

The safety of students, staff and visitors is critically important to Central Oregon Community College. … Read more

Guest column: Grow opportunities for Sisters

Last year, when Laird Superfood made the decision to open a major manufacturing facility in … Read more

Editorial: Car-camping fix should be fair to all Bend neighborhoods

Residents near downtown Bend say their neighborhood changed dramatically for the worse a few weeks … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Meet our homeless neighbors

Here are a couple of facts about Oregon and the homeless who live here. From … Read more

Historical editorial: Agriculture is the future

Editor’s note: The following editorial was originally published in The Bend Bulletin on June 5, … Read more

Commentary: Ilhan Omar, harbinger of Democratic decline?

Spot the problem with the quoted remarks: 1. The Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 was … Read more

Guest column: Keep The Bulletin going

In August 2018, Dean Baquet, top editor of the New York Times, stated that the … Read more

Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t pass unfair tax

Employees of businesses with thin profit margins should start worrying about what the Oregon Legislature … Read more

Editorial: Expand affordable housing program across state

Redmond is in. Bend is in. Every other city in Oregon is out, and the … Read more

Commentary: From the ashes of Notre-Dame

A first draft of this column was written before flames engulfed the Cathedral of Notre … Read more

Editorial: Interim scooter ban makes sense

Shared electric scooters may be headed toward Bend, though they won’t arrive until at least … Read more

Editorial: PERS debate kicks off late

It’s been the practice in Oregon politics in the last few years to put off … Read more

Guest column: Government needs to ensure planes are safe

Reducing government regulation has been claimed by the Trump administration as one of its primary … Read more

Letters: La Pine is doing the right things; Don’t kick the can; Encourage Walden to support climate bill; Don’t kill the Electoral College

La Pine is doing the right things Rex Lesueur’s May 9 column in The Bulletin … Read more

Editorial: State should follow BOLI’s lead on records

Public records belong to the public, but obtaining them in Oregon can be a challenge. … Read more

Editorial: Give OSAA group time to work

An ugly incident on Jan. 23 apparently was the final straw that led to introduction … Read more

Guest column: Discrimination persists because we allow it

Twenty score years ago, the first African slaves came to America. Twelve score years of … Read more

Guest column: Address the real threats to public lands

In his recent guest opinion, Erik Fernandez laments the lack of new wilderness designations east … Read more

Erik Lukens column: New study further erodes case for bag bans like Bend’s

Following such bans, consumers buy a lot more trash bags

Some activists, being human, seek an end to public debate the instant they convince a … Read more

Editorial: Legislature failed the public on kicker bill

Gov. Kate Brown signs some bills with great fanfare. Smiling legislators and sometimes members of … Read more

Editorial: Protect kids, release contract

Oregon’s Department of Human Services foster care problems continue to grow. According to an article … Read more

Guest column: Canal piping is not enough

On April 6, The Bulletin ran a front-page story about Arnold Irrigation District applying for … Read more

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