Commentary: This one little trick will make Thanksgiving perfect

Thanksgiving comes early this year, which means there was barely time to empty the Halloween … Read more

Editorial: Bend school district must stop distorting fire safety record

Mike Tiller, the director of facilities of Bend-La Pine Schools, got up before the school … Read more

Guest column: Beware of fraud schemes targeting elderly

If you’ve ever received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS … Read more

Commentary: Is this a financial time bomb?

Ten years after the great financial crisis, there's a sense that Wall Street's demons have … Read more

Commentary: A defeat for white identity

Running for president in 2016, Donald Trump sold two kinds of populism. One appealed to … Read more

Commentary: Jeff Sessions deserved better

An immigration attorney coming to the defense of Jeff Sessions, who lost his job as … Read more

Commentary: We’re in deep trouble when ‘SNL’ is our guide to mature behavior

Pete Davidson, “Saturday Night Live” comedian, got reamed for making a tasteless joke a couple … Read more

Commentary: The world must finally give us Rohingya a say in our fate

By now, the world is well aware of the horrors experienced by Myanmar's Rohingya minority … Read more

Editorial: Say no to Sen. Merkley

Oregon’s U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley is doing more than toying with the idea of running … Read more

Editorial: State board fails Oregonians

Oregon’s Psychiatric Security Review Board has failed Oregonians. Its main mission, according to its own … Read more

Commentary: A shot to save grandma: If vaccination rates rise just 1 percentage point, 807 won’t die from flu

A natural disaster is bearing down on our country, one assured to take the lives … Read more

Commentary: Saving Generation Paranoia

In an 1827 essay titled “On the Feeling of Immortality in Youth,” English author William … Read more

Editorial: Chevron’s lawsuit targeting Bulletin highlights disturbing public-records trend

No one requesting public records should risk being slapped with an expensive lawsuit. But in … Read more

Editorial: Public needs to know the cost of permits

Officials at the U.S. Forest Service say they have a problem in the Central Oregon … Read more

Editorial: Chevron sues to keep public in dark about Oregon ‘green’ subsidy program

Lawmakers should ask whether benefits of Clean Fuels Program exceed its costs

When the Oregon Legislature adopted the Clean Fuels Program, it assumed that cutting vehicle-related carbon … Read more

Janet Steven’s column: ‘Tis the season of thanks

Oregon Public Broadcasting aired a story Monday about a poet who wants to write a … Read more

Commentary: Why I’m starting to worry about the dollar

When the 2008 financial crisis happened, there was a lot of loose talk about the … Read more

Editorial: Remembering the Proclamation of Thanksgiving

Editor’s note: In the midst of the trauma of the Civil War, Thanksgiving was made … Read more

Commentary: Recounts are always unsatisfying; Get used to them

It’s now just more than a week after Election Day, which means that we’re in … Read more

Commentary: SNL mocked my appearance; Here’s why I didn’t demand an apology

The past couple of weeks have been unusual for me, to say the least. After … Read more

Editorial: Growing enrollment shows value of OSU-Cascades

In an otherwise gloomy report on enrollment at Oregon’s public universities, Oregon State, and particularly … Read more

Editorial: Allow testing of driverless cars

It’s likely that in the 2019 legislative session Oregon lawmakers will debate what to do … Read more

Letters: Dear Nancy Pelosi; Stopping bullying; Helt should step down; Battling intolerance

Dear Nancy Pelosi First, congratulations to you and the Democrat Party on the gains made … Read more

Commentary: A day bigotry lost in Maryland

On the morning of May 3, 1982, my father read a story in The Washington … Read more

Editorial: School board must speak about fire safety issues at Summit High

What’s worse? Is it worse that Bend-La Pine Schools allowed fire protection devices to be … Read more

Editorial: Find a less lopsided way to do redistricting

If Kevin Mannix, a former state lawmaker from Salem, were serious about a balanced method … Read more

Letters: Rethink agenda; Don’t worry about fire safety; Car water skiing; Don’t worry about equity

Rethink agenda It might be time for rethinking how effective the liberal agenda has been, … Read more

Commentary: Why is Israel tossing the Saudis a lifeline?

As Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman tries to escape consequences for the murder of Jamal … Read more

Editorial: Avoid free speech limits

This election season in Oregon has been an expensive one, with the race for governor … Read more

Editorial: Oregon continues to fail foster children

A state audit found in January that Oregon’s child welfare system was so disorganized and … Read more

Letters: Bend needs new fee; Shift to renewable energy; Limit firearms

Bend needs new fee The Bulletin offered a strong editorial on Oct. 27 of a … Read more

Commentary: The midterm results are a warning to the Democrats

For months we’ve heard from sundry media apocalypticians that this year’s midterms were the last … Read more

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