Editor’s note: The following editorials originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on Oct. 28, 1904 or Nov. 4, 1904.

Here the Bend postoffice is bringing the government more than $2,000 a year net, ten times as much as all the rest of the country between Prineville and Lakeview; yet the department says the Bend mail schedule must be made to suit the Prineville tavern keepers, and has actually installed such a service. Bend does not have to and it will not tolerate the imposition.

Nearly 70 pupils are now enrolled in the Bend school and a dozen others are in sight. It is probable that Mrs. Overturf will be employed to the teach the three primary grades, temporary quarters for which will be fitted up in Mutzig’s hall. This will give the relief for which there is now urgent demand. Whether it will be necessary to employ still another teacher cannot now be foretold. At this writing, it is expected to open the new department next Monday morning — if carpenters can be had to make the necessary desks.

Polling place for next Tuesday’s election will be in the B.M, Hall. There is no other available place in the town, so closely does occupation follow the builders.

The bridge across the Crooked River at Forest’s is at last a reality. It has been accepted by the county court and opened to public travel. Contractor J.B. Tillotson has given a bond that it will stand the test of time. So now traffic between Bend and the railroad will be mostly by way of Forests, thus getting a better road and less distance. The auto line will use the new bridge.