Gerry O’Brien

Good morning Central Oregon.

I would like to formally introduce myself to the community and our readers.

As the newly minted editor for The Bulletin, I must say that I am thrilled to be part of this community, in awe of some of the great projects that have taken place, and a bit overwhelmed at the amount of positive activity here.

Bend has certainly earned its stripes as one of the more progressive cities in Oregon, coupled with a rich entrepreneurial spirit. Many towns talk and plan for economic development, or bettering social services, but Bend gets it done and keeps moving forward.

Communities in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties are also on the move, which is why news coverage of Central Oregon is so vital.

In my short few days here at the paper, I’ve met with city officials, business leaders, startup CEOs, SAGE award winners and citizens. Taken together, there is a real sense of service for those in need that is unmatched. And, there is a strong sense of family.

First, I would like to assure the readers that The Bulletin will continue to deliver the most comprehensive local news, sports and entertainment seven days a week in our “hard copy” newspaper format and on the web and social media sites 24/7. We have some new systems to put in place to improve our digital presence, so bear with us over the next few months.

I believe our reporting staff is one of the most driven and talented I’ve ever worked with. They care about the community as much as you do. They are always on the hunt for that story that will resonate with readers.

Second, my focus will be on providing you with news coverage that is credible, relevant and connects the newspaper with the community. In the coming months, staffers and myself will partake in a series of public forums and some smaller coffee klatches, inviting readers to meet with us. We hope you can join us.

Third, we want to hear from you. What are the hot button issues that you would like to see the paper tackle? What do you care most about? Are there topics that we haven’t touched that need attention?

The Bulletin has had a long tradition of being part of this region, reporting on its growth over the last 100 years. We plan to continue that as a newspaper as well as drive more reader engagement on our social media sites and with some plain old face-to-face meetings.

Central Oregon is leading the state in so many sectors. We will continue to play a leading role in documenting it, while connecting with our readers on a daily basis.

For now, feel free to keep in touch through email; on Twitter @gerry_obrien1; or give us a call at 541-633-2166.

— Gerry O’Brien is editor of The Bulletin.