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Raise your voice

I have no numbers, facts, stories, or additional information to add about what is happening at the border. We all know what is happening. But what will we do about it? I plead with you now to raise your voices and stop the cruelty to children. True moral leadership is lost when a government targets the most vulnerable. Join me in supporting Sen. Jeff Merkley’s Stop Cruelty to Migrant Children Act. Thank you, Sen. Merkley, for being a voice for the voiceless. The cruelty must end.

Rebecca Easton


Get out of NRA’s grip

Inevitably, given our inaction time and again, two more tragedies occurred two weekends ago in Texas and Ohio.

Promptly, the most powerful politician in the land, Senate leader Mitch McConnell, slightly modified his “thoughts and prayers” with the inclusion of his wife’s name, Elaine, to the empty refrain he utters after each mass shooting. Others have voiced that in their judgment the fault for these horrendous events rest squarely with the manufacturers of video games. The president echoed similar accusations but added that the press carries a significant share of responsibility divorcing himself from any admission mea culpa.

Maybe for once, Republican leaders — especially Mitch — could divorce themselves from the grip of the strangling NRA, the millionaire money brokers who through their wealth keep politicians in line and under their control.

These legislators who historically have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the national clamor to ban assault weapons once and for all … could courageously run the risk to lose financial support and possibly their hold to the offices they have held for so long either in the Senate or the House.

Absolute power corrupts indeed, here or in Russia or in Brazil or anywhere money rules with weak institutions or systems to limit greed and aggressive behavior.

Our country deserves courage from our legislators.

Most serving senators and many representatives who are millionaires can just go away and never work another day in their lives. Assault weapons belong in war zones, not at a Walmart or the patios of our high schools.

Carlos Wysling


Signal when you leave roundabouts

I spent a lovely two weeks visiting Bend recently and enjoyed my stay. The traffic roundabouts the city has installed are wonderful for keeping the traffic flowing with minimal stoppage. However, the drivers do not signal their intent when in the circle to indicate whether they are continuing to circle or leaving it. The use of turn signals will help improve the flow even more. This could be up for public awareness on the use of roundabouts.

Jerry Chin

Berkley, California

Accessibility shouldn’t mean ‘easy’

I read with dismay the article, “Computer science accessibility targeted,” which appeared in The Bulletin on Aug. 2, for I worry about Oregon State University-Cascades’ attempt to alter its computer science classes to make them more accessible to a greater cross-section of its student population. I submit that “more accessible” equates to “easier,” and that making the classes easier will result in erosion of quality of education.

Just as no man can effectively serve two masters, education cannot effectively serve two objectives. OSU-Cascades must decide on its objective: either quality education or classes accessible to “everyone.”

Bill Birnbaum