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Reelect Ray Miao

In the upcoming election, I encourage you to vote Ray Miao to retain his position on the Deschutes Rural Fire Protection District No. 2 board of directors. His depth of knowledge and proven track record demonstrate the value he brings to the board. Overseeing important projects, fostering a positive working relationship with the Bend Fire Department and ensuring resident safety in the district are a few of his hallmarks as the current board president. He is active in a variety of groups from the local to national level to keep up on the latest best practices and fire science. He deserves your vote to continue developing strong fire and emergency medical services for the residents of the district.

Jodie Barram


Support Bob Bengston

The Crooked River Ranch Firefighters union would like to thank all the candidates who attended the candidate forum. Our endorsement is based on fire board dedication and diversity. Bob Bengston has been a valued asset to the fire district for many years. He has been a dedicated leader and advocate for better communication between the fire chief, fire board and community. Our fire department has continued to improve and progress, and he is a huge part of that success. William Burt may be new to the fire district but comes with a unique background and skill set that no other current fire board member or candidate posses. His new ideas and perspective would be greatly valued in our ever challenging landscape. For these reasons, IAFF Local 3650 would like to endorse Bob Bengston and William (Bill) Burt for the Crooked River Ranch Fire Board.

Daniel Drayton


Vote Ray Miao

I would like to express my support for Ray Miao, candidate for the Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District No. 2 board of directors. As the previous executive director for the fire district, I worked with Ray for over 10 years when he was a budget committee member and later when he became a board member and then board chairman. The district provides fire and emergency medical services to 20,000 people who live in an area that surrounds the city of Bend. These emergency services are provided through a contract with the Bend Fire Department. The arrangement is complicated and requires a board with experience and knowledge. Ray has that knowledge and experience, but even more importantly he has used those attributes to help make the arrangement successful, and therein is the true measurement of success. Ray has overseen the replacement of the executive director when I retired and the initiation of a building project to replace one station and build another at a new location. These projects will give the Bend Fire Department the facilities needed to provide the best emergency services possible going far into the future. It is my firm belief that Ray is the best candidate for the job and that he will continue to use his experience to help the board build upon its past successes. I urge you to vote for Ray Miao for board member of Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District No. 2.

Tom Fay


Elect Shimiko Montgomery

Shimiko Montgomery is a committed, passionate individual who will fight for improvement for all students and teachers in the Bend-La Pine Schools. As a former school counselor she knows the value of providing all students with better social and emotional support. She strongly believes in equity, safety and inclusion for all students and is a dedicated advocate for our young people. She also knows the challenges of today’s educators with the lack of school funding impacting class size, counseling services and more.

Shimiko is keenly aware of the importance of leveling the playing field so ALL students have the support they need to succeed. As a pastor, Shimiko has worked with vulnerable and marginalized groups including the Latinx community and families living in poverty. As a school board member Shimiko will engage all stakeholders: the community, parents, students, teachers and administrators to gain input and help craft solutions to move the Bend-La Pine Schools forward. Join me in voting for Shimiko Montgomery!

Maggie Hanson