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Montgomery for schools

The May 21 special election is here, and with it the opportunity for us to decide how we want to bring positive change to our community and schools. As a third grade teacher and mother of three children who attend schools in our district, it is extremely important to me to see my children and students thrive in school. Because of this, I support Shimiko Montgomery for Bend-La Pine School Board. I have seen firsthand her unwavering commitment to our community. She is a kind, intelligent, compassionate person and has dedicated her life to serving others and being the voice for marginalized people. Shimiko is committed to serving and supporting the students, families and educators in our school district. She believes in the importance of equitable, safe and inclusive schools, and will work tirelessly to help ALL students thrive by helping to remove any barriers that stand in the way of their success. Shimiko is a natural leader. She is always in action, working to improve the lives of others. Her actions inspire people to take initiative in their communities to lift others up. She worked as a counselor for elementary and high school students, giving her valuable experience in the classroom and with students. I encourage you to go to to read more about her background. We need Shimiko’s dedication, passion and leadership working for students in our district. Please join me in voting for Shimiko Montgomery for Bend-La Pine School Board.

Beth Bengtson


Elect Skidmore for Bend-La Pine School Board

As a speech-language pathologist and owner of Bend Language & Learning, a private practice for evaluation of students with learning disabilities, I have known Caroline Skidmore professionally for over 10 years. Caroline has school age children and has worked professionally with school-age children for 25 years, including through the public education system. She has strong leadership skills and has served on the board of several organizations devoted to improving the lives of students in Central Oregon. I am very familiar with her stance and the passion she brings to current issues affecting the children and young people of our community.

I strongly support Caroline Skidmore for school board for several reasons. She has been actively involved in trying to increase school safety by keeping guns out of schools and improving mental health services available for students. She also is an excellent communicator and has worked with countless parents over the years. She is an advocate for inclusivity and works tirelessly to better the lives of students in Bend. The extensive experience and background that Caroline brings gives her invaluable perspective on the diverse needs of our students. Her passion and unflagging energy for the needs of students make her the best choice for the school district board.

Linda Balsiger


Vote for Skidmore

Caroline Skidmore deserves your vote in her quest to serve the community as a member of the Bend-La Pine School Board. Her platform includes support for teachers, safe schools, smaller classrooms and quality education for each child.

Her background as a speech pathologist, a parent of two boys, a business owner and a volunteer in many school-based activities qualifies her for exceptional service on the school board. She understands the complex problems faced by school administrators, teachers and students in the challenging fiscal and social environment that we live in today. This is the kind of person we need on our school board, one of the most important policymaking bodies in our county.

Please read more about Caroline on her website: and give her your vote on your ballet due May 21.

Helen Seidler


Support Redmond center

The Redmond Area Park and Recreation District is pursuing a new recreation center that will provide an extensive array of activities. It’s time for us to invest in Redmond’s future and supply our community with a facility that will be able to serve all, preschool through seniors. The new facility will include pickleball courts, an indoor track, a new pool and much more. Please support Redmond recreation measures 9-126 and 9-127.

Ginny McPherson