Editor’s note: The following editorial from March 27, 1903, was one of the first editorials in the then-Bend Bulletin. It’s helpful to know before reading it that Deschutes County was not created until 1916 — out of part of what was Crook County.

In making our journalistic bow to southern Crook county we deem it not amiss to make a brief statement as to the objects of our enterprise, and the policy of The Bulletin.

Our first aim and object shall be to publish such news of a local and general character as will be of interest to our readers, paying especial attention to such matters as may record a step taken in the direction of this magnificent country’s development. In politics we shall advocate the principles of the Republican party, preserving the right in local affairs to give our support to the men and measures which may appear to us to best subserve the interests of the community in which we live, believing that partisanship should be secondary to good citizenship.

We shall at times work for the development of Bend and the upper Deschutes country, and will give our most hearty, co-operation and support to all enterprises of a legitimate character having for their object the betterment of this section of the state. Southern Crook County and especially the upper Deschutes country, offers an immense field of settlement and business enterprises of the most varied character, and with the advent of the railroad and the opening up of our desert lands to settlement will come an era of prosperity unprecedented in the annals of Oregon of the Northwest. It shall be our constant aim to foster and further the efforts of settlers who may intend to make their homes and fortunes in our midst.

In conclusion, we ask the support and patronage of the citizens of this community and neighborhood, and we assure them of our co-operation in all matters that have as their object the advancement of the best interests of “the Bend country.”