By Delane Sholes

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I am writing this letter to all the people who think their job is finished by returning the House of Representatives from Republican to Democratic control.

You have elected the right leader of our country: If … you are OK with losing our democracy, marching closer and closer to being an Authoritarian-led country, being more divided than we have ever been and treating immigrants abominably (including the separation of migrant children from their family).

Finally, we have a complete corruption of our voting system (I.E., the Republicans have grown bolder and bolder about cheating their way to being in power, by gerrymandering, and redrawing districts to assure they have more seats in the Congress.

Voter suppression is rampant, using the Electoral College has been the way of ignoring the popular vote and electing whom ever they want as president.

Changing rules for states that just changed from red to blue and intimidating minorities to keep them from voting, is another way the GOP stays in power.

During the first two years, the president has had no checks on his lawlessness, making up the rules as he goes along, and disregarding the Constitution if he doesn’t like the rules. These problems must be rectified if you are not happy with the above!

We are now immersed in a government shutdown (which Trump said he happily accepted the blame for the shutdown, which he says may go on indefinitely, if he doesn’t get his $5 billion for a wall, despite his campaign promise that “Mexico will pay for the wall.”

I heard on TV of a really good way for him to get that $5 billion he wants so badly (and evidently all the Trump voters want it too). Trump got 62,984,825 votes in 2016. If each one of those Trump voters participated in a GoFundMe campaign online and gave $80 apiece, he would have his $5 billion for a border wall.

Don’t expect the rest of us, who did NOT vote for Trump, to help pay for that wall.

And the rest of us can all start working to right all these injustices. Stay informed, watch MSNBC and CNN and hear for yourself what’s happening in our country.

The Bulletin and NPR (88.1 on radio) are both good sources to verify what you have been watching on TV (don’t believe that nonsense that it is all fake news). Check it for yourself.

Also, check out the Oregon online “Indivisible” website. Work to elect ONLY State and Federal Representatives that you will know will work to fix our broken democracy and protect and respect our free press (the main things that make us a Democracy).

And, to all you retired and current government workers, I highly recommend you learn about NARFE and it’s goals (National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, a non-partisan, non-union organization).

To get more information about protecting your salary and benefits, call our local NARFE Chapter 79 President, Ruthann Couch 541-334-5108, or go online to, if you want copies of the NARFE magazine, or its goals.

You will be amazed at the monthly magazine, and information that is provided on everything that has already been done to harm federal employees, and what this administration has planned for us next. Be proactive, don’t wait until you are retired, as I did, to start benefiting from NARFE.

We have a big job ahead to fix this country! Let’s start by making sure every vote counts in the U.S. and make sure all U.S. citizens have the opportunity to vote.

— Delane Sholes lives in Bend.