Next time the Bend-La Pine Schools asks for the public’s input on school names, don’t bother to participate unless you enjoy wasting time or yearn for bland.

The most popular submission from the public for the new elementary school was for Arlie Seems Elementary. Seems taught for more than 30 years at several Bend elementary schools. He was a great teacher. He grew up here. He died in 2013.

However, his name didn’t even make the top three of the short list forwarded to the school board by a school district committee.

The truly enlightened on that committee found the community’s fondness for naming a school after a great teacher misplaced and unworthy.

He lived too recently. It could be perceived as a slight of other teachers.

Instead, North Star, was the top recommendation. It only received one recommendation from the public. Arlie Seems received some 130. So much for listening to community input.

If this is the way it’s going to work, why bother with the charade of gathering public input? The district should just skip it next time around and get straight to the critical decision of what school name is the blandest they can imagine.

The following list should fit right in: Bland Elementary; P.C. Elementary; Good Intentions Elementary; Coddling Elementary, Try Hard Elementary; Grit Elementary; Do Something Good Elementary; Public Elementary; or Peace, Love and Understanding Elementary.

Before you bawl us out for insensitivity, star hatred or any other sin, please don’t rain cries of anguish upon the switchboard. We assume full responsibility. Dial direct, 541-383-0353.