Reading the plans of Bend city officials, you’d swear they want to make driving and parking so miserable people leave their cars at home. Bend would become their vision of a paradise for bikes, walking and buses.

And then at last week’s council meeting, there was an astonishing discussion.

Councilors confirmed they are worried that some restaurants may not have enough parking. City code may be tweaked to require more parking for some new restaurants. Instead of requiring one space for every 200 square feet of restaurant, code would require one space for every 167 square feet.

Councilors discussed the situations driven by the success of both 10 Barrel Brewing on Galveston or Worthy Brewing off of U.S. Highway 20.

As Councilor Bill Moseley joked, you could build a four-story parking garage next to 10 Barrel and still not have enough parking.

The concern about parking and the proposed solution — require more parking — were refreshing. They also diverge from what the city has been doing.

How does the city square that with its approach to OSU-Cascades?

The city approved a parking plan for the campus that encourages parking to spill over onto the streets because OSU charges for parking. The city has insisted again and again that there is no problem at OSU.

How can it be that there is a problem at 10 Barrel and Worthy but not at OSU?

How does the city square its restaurant policy with its ode to the benefits of congestion in plans it has put forward for Third Street and the central district?

How does it square its restaurant policy with proposals for new businesses, homes and apartments to be able to open with less parking?

Perhaps the answer is that in the case of its restaurant policy the city is getting mugged by reality. It should change more policies so the muggings don’t continue.