Among the questions a new appointee to the Bend City Council is likely to vote on in 2019 is the city’s role in deciding the fate of Mirror Pond. With that in mind, current councilors should ask candidates for the seat being vacated by Sally Russell where they stand on the issue.

With a reasonable plan now on the table, and with financial buy-in from Pacific Power, it appears a solution to the pond’s silting problems might finally be at hand. In recent days the Bend Park & Recreation District has tentatively agreed to put $300,000 toward pond dredging and a majority of the City Council has indicated it likely would match that amount. The power company has said it, too, will put up $300,000 through its foundation. The rest would be paid by Pacific Power ratepayers in Bend through franchise fees.

Still to come are final votes from the two government agencies involved.

Meanwhile, current councilors, minus Nathan Boddie and Mayor Casey Roats, whose terms expire at the end of 2018, will choose among applicants for what is now Russell’s seat on the council early in January. At that time Russell will become Bend’s first elected mayor since Robert Fox held the post in 1928.

One way or another, the new council, including an appointed member, may well hold the fate of the pond in its hands. Given Mirror Pond’s central role in how people identify Bend, there’s more than a little interest in what that fate is.