There’s really only one good candidate for the Bend City Council Position 6. Sarah McCormick is by far the best qualified to take over the seat currently held by Casey Roats, who is not seeking re-election.

McCormick faces two opponents for the spot. Ron “Rondo” Boozell, 57, is currently in the Deschutes County jail for his continuing failure to make court-ordered child support payments. It’s the second time in the last two years he’s gone to jail on similar charges.

McCormick’s other opponent is Barb Campbell, 54, who currently is a member of the council. She describes herself as an activist, though one lacking in what she calls “judicial temperament.” That’s putting it mildly.

Her histrionic approach to City Council works not to highlight causes she cares about, but to muddle her message in a rush of dramatic gestures and temper tantrums. City residents need a councilor who can work well with a group, even one that disagrees with her. Campbell is not that person.

Sarah McCormick, 32, is, like Campbell, part of a downtown business. Her father owns the Pine Tavern restaurant, which her husband manages. With two small children to care for, she handles the restaurant’s social media from home. The family has lived in Bend four years.

Her first year here, spent in an apartment above the restaurant, gave her a view of the city’s homelessness issues that few others have.

She would like to see a new, Bend-focused, group take on the problem. The Homeless Leadership Coalition, which is a tri-county body, has no representative from the business community, she notes.

She also believes the city should create an advisory group to help it decide where and how to spend its money on new roads. And, if new revenue sources are needed, they should be approved in an election.

Too, she recognizes her potential conflict of interest when it comes to Mirror Pond. The Pine Tavern was built overlooking the pond in 1936, and she knows she may have to recuse herself from decisions on its fate.

In the end, though, it’s McCormick’s willingness to become a collaborative member of Bend’s government, combined with her thoughtful views on the city and its needs, that recommend her for City Council. Voters should give her their support.