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Less partisanship please

The last few weeks have depicted politics at its worst. Most citizens elect officials to negotiate that which is best for the common good. The common good is best attained by understanding the effects of the positions and interests of all sides. To deny validity to another’s concepts precipitates a rejection of the person. To accept and listen to another’s viewpoint is to open the door to new perspectives and probably better solutions. A possible end result may be disagreement, but there will be understanding and respect. Understanding and respect is what government needs. When we go to the polls to vote, it may be best to view candidates as to their willingness to understand and negotiate rather than just following a party line.

Charlie Young


Vote for McLeod-Skinner

As a physician who left the East Coast, as a Republican, for the appeal of Oregon in 1972, I am writing to support Jamie McLeod-Skinner to replace Greg Walden. My political hero was Mark Hatfield, Republican Oregon senator skilled at working across the aisle to make good things happen for Oregon and the rest of the country.

In contrast now, we have career politicians such as Greg who seem focused on simply staying elected by appealing to his base and “being a nice guy.” As a surgeon, it was clear that the Affordable Care Act was flawed, but I was seeing patients that were able to get their cancer care when they previously could not. There were many more patients getting cancer care at the right time. Since Greg was from Oregon, I previously thought he would have constructive input yet he seemed to lead the charge to eliminating the ACA with nothing to replace it.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner is a fresh face willing to try to do something. Let’s give her a chance.

I write this having seen the letter critical of her time in a different position  …  if you look carefully into that, you will find she was trying to make constructive changes, which annoyed some people. Let’s give some new faces willing to make changes a chance. Eleven terms should be enough  …  term limits can start now by electing individuals willing to make changes.

Dane Moseson, MD


Vote for Walden

I have worked in the IT industry for 35 years, and I have seen that we are living in a world where technology is evolving faster than I could have imagined back then. As technology evolves we are seeing more questions arise — what does it mean to be secure? What does it mean to have freedom of speech? What does it mean to have privacy in a tech-driven world?

Our Congressional District 2 representative is at the forefront of these questions. Greg Walden recently held a hearing as chairman of the Energy and Commerce committee, to question the CEO of Twitter, to determine if the social media giant is limiting freedom of speech. In addition, he has chaired hearings focusing on online security — to prevent another disaster like Equifax from happening again.

The work that Greg Walden is doing is absolutely crucial — as our technology is changing the laws must be updated. He is masterful at running these hearings, a skill that comes from experience.

Knowing that we have a representative who has the foresight to tackle these challenges head-on and the willingness to ask these hard questions gives me encouragement for the state of our government. Greg Walden, you have my vote in November.

Deborah Lee


Reprimand Boddie

Nathan Boddie violates Council policy by blocking Bend residents from his Facebook page, and only one councilor has the guts to say she will bring this up at the next council meeting.

Why wouldn’t all city councilors want to discuss this blatant violation? Where is your concern for your constituents?

City Attorney Mary Winters said, “We really leave it up to the council person to follow the council rules.” Seriously? For an attorney, you seem a bit naive.

Boddie, by not doing the honorable thing and resigning amid credible accusations of bad behavior — and then blaming his victim — has turned his back on the folks who voted for him. He is a monumental disappointment to those who once trusted him.

All councilors, you must fulfill the duties of your elected positions: Censure Boddie and publicly reprimand him. Represent us.

Toni Weir