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Endicott for Redmond mayor

I am writing in support of Redmond’s Mayor, George Endicott. In the 10 years Mayor Endicott has served the community of Redmond, he has done so with humility and integrity. His commitment to the oath of office, as well as the citizens of Redmond has been unwavering. He has dedicated himself full time to the responsibilities of office and he has stewarded with honor and grace. Mayor Endicott has also taken on local concerns in a straightforward and professional manner, providing practical and affordable methods in handling these concerns, which have resulted in successful outcomes. Mayor George Endicott has my support and vote for Redmond’s upcoming mayoral election this November.

Carol Staropoli


Re-elect Walden

A breath of fresh air in Oct. 2 letters. I was ecstatic to read the letters by Greg Franklin and Craig Unger regarding Representative Walden. Those astute gentlemen know that Rep. Walden has served the huge 2nd Congressional District very well over many years and is absolutely responsive to the needs of his constituents. Obviously he can’t sit by the telephone awaiting phone calls, many of which I suspect are from ill-informed whiners of the liberal left who are willing to sell their souls to an apparent egotistic, omniscient California woman who has all the answers to all of Oregon’s problems. If she’s just half as good as she professes to be, I’m sure her fellow Californians would have placated her and kept her there.

Please give Greg Walden the support he deserves for his diligent service for we 2nd District Oregonians over many years.

“Mac” McFarland


Buehler will improve schools

School funding is not a new topic for Oregon’s leaders. So, it was not surprising to hear both Kate Brown and Knute Buehler affirming their support for our schools in the televised debates this past week.

What would be new is a leader who can translate rhetoric into action. It has been clear for over a decade that putting education back on a path to success will require increased investment, as well as better attention to how dollars are spent so that more money winds up in the classroom where it can do the most good.

Each candidate spoke to part of the equation: additional revenues, better accountability and containing the exploding costs of health care and retirement benefits. Our next governor must prove to be the leader who acknowledges that a solution needs to include all of these components.

Given the issues, I believe Knute Buehler will translate his words into action. He shares my view that it will require a comprehensive approach to solving our school funding dilemma.

Fixing school funding will take more than what can be packed into a 60-second answer in a TV debate. We must have the leadership that Knute Buehler will provide to get beyond the rhetoric and do the hard work to craft a solution that provides full, sustainable funding for our students and schools.

Douglas Nelson

Retired superintendent, Bend-La Pine Schools

Russell for mayor

Bend is at a crossroad. This November we vote for Bend’s first elected mayor. If you are interested in electing a mayor for Bend who listens closely, carefully researches and weighs issues and does not make premature statements or decisions, vote for Sally Russell.

Sally is eminently qualified for the position. She has spent years working tirelessly for the betterment of Bend. She is a caring community leader, a longtime member of the City Council and serves as mayor pro tem. Her focus is on making the best informed choices for Bend, collaborating closely with citizen groups, business interests and subject matter experts.

I have witnessed the hours she has spent at Old Farm Neighborhood meetings, educating herself on the septic to sewer issues and the deep concerns of the affected residents.

Her vision for Bend is to protect and sustain what makes this city uniquely livable, while balancing the housing, educational, safety, infrastructure and transportation needs of a growing city. Sally is well prepared to guide her vision through complicated issues using her experience, collaboration and inclusive leadership.

Sally Russell’s strong, caring, intelligent, experienced leadership is the clear choice to represent Bend as mayor.

Colette Blum-Meister