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Vote McLeod-Skinner

“Do you plan on voting in November?” “Will you be voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for U.S. Representative?” These are the first two questions I ask registered voters when I go door-to-door campaigning for Jamie. Here is what I’ve learned after talking with several hundred people:

• 40 percent of the registered voters in Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District are neither Republicans nor Democrats. They are nonaffiliated (33 percent), Independent (5 percent) or in other parties (2 percent). ­(

• Many voters say they will not vote for Greg Walden for U.S. Representative because he has sold out to mega-corporations and powerful lobbyists.

• People care about health care, education, our environment, equal rights for everyone and good paying jobs. They plan on voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner in November because these are the issues Jamie cares about.

People sometime ask me if I really think Jamie can win against the mega-funded Greg Walden. My answer is a resounding “Yes,” not only because I can sense the voter enthusiasm for Jamie, but also because there are so many nonaffiliated, Independent and “other party” voters in our district. This coalition of voters will make the difference in the McLeod-Skinner vs. Walden contest and will give Jamie McLeod-Skinner the margin she needs to defeat Greg Walden in November. This election is not about who has the biggest billboards or the glossiest advertisements; it is about who connects with and has the confidence of the people. When I ask voters, “Who will you be voting for in November?” they enthusiastically reply, “Jamie.”

Mary Love


Trump gets results

Understandably, Democrats are on an all out blitz to take control of the House and Senate. But what are they offering?

Nothing has been offered for instance, as to improving or even maintaining the economy or national security at our borders or otherwise. Or suggestions as how to advance North Korean denuclearization activity. Frankly, no suggestions of substance regarding much of anything.

However we hear constantly that Trump is a bad guy, a dunce, an idiot doing more harm than good, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

Trump is easy to dislike and apparently difficult to work for or with. But his fundamental accomplishments such as economic growth, low unemployment, more jobs than people to fill them, tightened security at our borders and otherwise, Korean leaders shaking hands, trade agreements being re-worked, a vastly improving military, major taxation change, Jerusalem the capital of Israel, to name just a few are quite impressive.

Obama’s administration’s injected billions of dollars into the bond market to improve the economy and it was beginning to work albeit slowly.

Trump got better results quicker by simply adding confidence and getting rid of unnecessary regulations.

He is a seriously good businessman who demands results from his people and has the respect of world leaders. And he has proven that being a politician is not a prerequisite to getting things done.

Dislike him if you must, but look at what he has done and vote for people who will help with his agenda. No politician will get better results.

Al Phillips


Replace Walden

I am writing because of my deep concern for the future of health care in rural Oregon, our state and our country. I am not counting on Congressman Greg Walden or our current Congress to provide it. Our District 2 representative has been following the party line, voting to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA) over 50 times. While ACA is not a perfect solution, it did extend health insurance coverage to many millions of Americans — including a lot of rural Oregonians.

Some startling facts: Over half (56 percent) of our District 2 constituents rely on government-funded programs for coverage (Medicaid, Medicare, Children’s Health Insurance Program). If the Affordable Care Act were repealed in its entirety, approximately 1 in 5 people in our district would lose their health care coverage, and 42,000 Oregon jobs would be lost. We have not heard any ideas from Representative Walden as to how to “replace” it with an affordable health care program for everyone, not just the wealthy.

I believe that Jamie McLeod-Skinner provides a refreshing perspective. Her approach emphasizes coverage of pre-existing conditions and improvement of accessibility to health care in rural Oregon. Outside of Bend, services are too often not available, and the distances to the nearest clinic or hospital too far. Jamie understands that access to affordable health care is essential to all Oregonians.

I’m voting for her and, whether you or somebody you love is going to need health care now or in the future, you should consider doing the same.

Marty Dennett

La Pine