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Vote for McLeod-Skinner to serve all Oregonians

Although the phrase “speaking truth to power” is often heard and no doubt frequently misused, I commend Kelly Cannon-Miller’s letter to the editor for writing in that vein.

Ms. Cannon-Miller’s belief, that the pardon of the Hammonds’ of Eastern Oregon is for the purpose of keeping Greg Walden’s seat in Congress, is shared by me.

If one believes that the Hammonds have been sentenced improperly or that they have served prison time sufficient to their convicted crime, one can also believe that their pardon is not only to open public land to ranchers and to maintain Greg Walden’s position in Congress, but also to promote the Trump agenda of upending regulations to federal lands.

As a descendant of northeastern Oregon homesteaders, a native daughter of Wallowa, Oregon, having hiked and lived in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and the wife of an Oregon horseman, I appreciate the positions of both ranchers and conservationists.

I heartily commend ranchers who work cooperatively with our government to maintain clean air and water for future generations.

Voters have the opportunity to choose a new representative for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District.

To effectively maintain interests and financial livability of ranchers as well as those who recreate in public land it is imperative that we vote to elect Jamie McLeod-Skinner who will serve all Oregonians.

Thank you, Kelly Cannon-Miller for writing “truth to power” and for supporting the campaign of Jamie McLeod-Skinner, who in your words, “understands the real issues facing the West.”

Zora Belle Roley

La Pine

More like Walden needed in Congress

Rep. Greg Walden is such a breath of fresh air. We are fortunate to have to have a representative fighting for issues that matter to the people of Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District, and that is exactly what our congressman does.

Greg has an abundance of common sense and constantly worked to apply his common sense to help the people of Oregon.

There is no better example of this than the pardoning of Dwight and Steven Hammond, two ranchers who have spent over 20 years fighting government actions that have directly threatened their livelihood.

Since the Hammonds’ were re-sentenced in 2015, I can’t count the number of times I have seen Greg on the House floor fighting for their release.

When he wasn’t on the House floor, I know he was bringing the case directly to the president.

It is comforting to know that we have a representative that will fight to right the wrongs of the federal government and stand up for all his constituents, not just those in metropolitan areas. The pardoning of the Hammonds has solidified the fact that we need more like him in Congress.

Patricia J. Anderes


Bulletin should have covered Bend immigration protest

Like many other Bend residents I was stunned to see that The Bulletin neglected any mention of the June 30 Bend protest against Trump and his immigration policies.

Approximately 1,000 patriotic citizens gathered peacefully to express their resistance against a president who is displaying fascist tendencies, attacks the free press (a bulwark of democracy), lies daily, represents the interests of those with the most wealth and treats Russia and Putin as allies and our real allies (like Europe, Canada and Mexico) as enemies.

The Bulletin has a responsibility to inform the public and it has done a mediocre job. I appreciate that the vast majority of The Bulletin’s employees are wonderful, hard working people.

Unfortunately, the newspaper’s editors have (in my opinion) performed poorly.

Hurry up special counsel Robert Mueller!

Jim Hauser