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Pardon a ploy for votes

Trump’s pardon of the Hammonds of Eastern Oregon happened for one reason: to try and keep Greg Walden’s seat in Congress. They are hoping the pardon will result in votes from those who care about Eastern Oregon ranchers and those who follow the Bundy clan of Nevada.

They are hoping it proves they support ranchers. The move only proves that Walden no longer understands the real needs and issues of the voters of the 2nd District, only what he thinks will keep him in office. This is a ploy for votes, not justice.

Anyone genuinely concerned about Eastern Oregon ranchers will vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner this November. McLeod-Skinner understands the real issues facing the West and those who make their living from the land. The issues facing Eastern Oregon ranchers cannot be solved by supporting the public-property destroying, media-grabbing and, ultimately, selfish agenda of ranchers like the Bundys, who believe the West belongs to them alone.

We don’t live in a Clint Eastwood movie. The issues can only be solved through problem-solving, hard work, compromise and community efforts to maximize resources — things that the ranchers of Harney County were doing long before the Hammond and Bundy families decided to put their own needs above everyone else’s. Harney County deserves better than the likes of the Bundys and Walden.

Without question, McLeod-Skinner is the best person to represent Eastern Oregon ranchers in Congress: her family’s own ranch depends on it.

Kelly Cannon-Miller


Open letter to Walden about Trump

Congressman Walden, thank you for your letter of June 20 in response to my concern about your support for President Trump. If you truly believe “we can all agree that active, civil, and respectful engagement in our democratic government is best and is beneficial to all citizens,” why do you continue to remain silent while President Trump makes a mockery of your sentiments?

His repeated attack on mainstream journalism as “fake” has serious consequences in undermining all citizens’ search for the facts, e.g., the June 27 targeted killing of five journalists working for the Capital Gazette in Maryland.

Trump’s excoriation of our long-term allies, extravagant praise of murderous dictators in Russia and North Korea and assertion that he can pardon anyone including himself reveals a contempt for democratic government.

His “zero tolerance” immigration policy is a repudiation of the basis upon which our country of immigrants was founded and is defended by his lies criminalizing those south of our border seeking legal asylum from violence. Trump’s trade wars based upon his ignorance of economics and history threatens our economy and those least able to bear the shock of rising inflation and lost jobs.

I am pleading with you to set aside party loyalty and act upon the sentiments you expressed in your letter to me. Otherwise, we your constituents, will have to admit you are either delusional or hypocritical, something to remember when we vote in November.

Don Kunz


A way to serve the county

The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (DSWCD) needs persons to serve on the board that meets once a month (2nd Thursday of month 10 a.m.-12p.m.). Positions open include an at-large position and ones restricted to zones around Tumalo, east-northeast of Bend, and the far north part of Deschutes County. Except for the at-large position, a candidate must own or manage 10 acres in Deschutes County within the designated zone (see DSWCD website).

The DSWCD provides local leadership, education, motivation and assistance to the citizens of Deschutes County for responsible, efficient stewardship of our soil and water resources. The Long-Range Plan for the District is to work in these program areas: water quality and quantity, invasive weeds, fish and wildlife habitat, reduction of wildfire risk, sustainable agriculture, soil stewardship and renewable energy. The Soil & Water Conservation District provides incentives to private landowners that further program goals. It has no regulatory authority.

If interested, please review the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) SWCD elections website which also includes contact information.

Robin Vora