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Vote DeBone

Tony DeBone’s commitment to economic diversity for Deschutes County has resulted in job growth and steady employment conditions these past few years. He knows that success depends on diversifying our economy, so we avoid the boom-and-bust cycles of construction and tourism.

To achieve these goals, Tony has been active in EDCO (Economic Development for Central Oregon) where he has worked with various groups across the political and economic spectrum. Again, consensus has been his strength, and Deschutes County is enjoying a very good economy as a result of his efforts. I have worked with Tony and seen firsthand his hard work and dedication to bringing family-wage jobs and long-term economic health to Central Oregon.

I sincerely urge you to vote YES to re-elect Tony DeBone as Deschutes County Commissioner, Position No. 1.

Troy Reinhart


Find car solutions

It is true Bend has too many cars/trucks on our roads. Cars are the means of going from point A to point B. Like it or not, that is the truth. Does anyone who shops at Costco go there by bike or walk? How about when it snows? Bikes are a limited way of transportation.

It is apparent to me that the transportation committee is out of sync. I applied to be on this committee, but fortunately for me I wasn’t selected. I would be pulling my hair out trying to have my point of view heard. Hopefully, it isn’t too late to salvage the problem.

Having the Oregon State University in downtown Bend is a huge negative for our driving congestion. The state of Oregon approved to add 2,380 acres of land for housing and employment in our urban growth boundary. Why, please tell me why, don’t we start using some of this available land to stave off the traffic mess we now have? I was in favor of putting OSU on the Juniper Ridge property, just north of town. This 1,500-acre property was give to the city of Bend by Deschutes County in 1990. To date, there is very little development there.

The transportation committee should listen to the council and find real solutions for the road situation.

Judy Thorgeirsson


McLeod-Skinner for Congress

While endorsing another candidate in the Democratic primary for the 2nd Congressional District, The Bulletin acknowledged that Jamie McLeod-Skinner is a “clear standout.” There are good reasons for that assessment. Last summer she began crisscrossing our immense district listening to concerns and ideas, sharing her own and building consensus about how to address the challenges of our district in today’s hotly divided political climate. She brought to these ongoing conversations extensive education and public service experience, plus ability to distill conflicting views down to commonalities that unite, not divide, that focus on finding achievable good solutions even while seeking great ones. She has earned a reputation for being fiscally responsible, having integrity while being savvy and for showing up, listening well and working hard.

Learn about Jamie’s broadly acceptable approaches to strengthening the physical and social infrastructure critical to future generations, and ours, at and Facebook at JamieforOregon.

Jamie can win, as shown by her success as a twice-elected public official, her diverse and impressive list of endorsements from community leaders and groups throughout the district, and the fact she has won ALL four straw polls conducted at candidate forums. Having strong family roots and other connections in Central and Eastern Oregon and with the support of voters of all moderate political persuasions, Jamie can beat Walden. But first she needs a resounding victory in the Democratic primary. Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Sue Vordenberg


Vote Baney

I just learned that Tammy Baney’s primary election opponent moved to Deschutes County just four years ago. Now she thinks she should run the place. Tammy Baney has worked hard for 12 years serving all of us as our county commissioner. Tammy was raised here, and she raised her family here as well. Tammy Baney has proven that she knows our county, its people and its challenges. Her opponent just showed up, and has no government experience anywhere. Tammy Baney was warmly endorsed once again by The Bulletin.

Please vote for Tammy Baney in the Republican primary in the May election. Thank you.

Paul J. Lipscomb