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Don’t spend taxpayer money on futile effort

The letter by Helen Seidler in the Nov. 1 Bulletin is obviously a reply to my letter a few weeks ago questioning the expenditure of city of Bend funds and efforts on “climate change.”

The author admits that Bend cannot affect the planet’s environment, yet advocates expending city of Bend funds and efforts on activities to affect the planet’s environment.

My question is, “How much of our precious city of Bend tax dollars should be spent in an admittedly futile effort to affect the planet’s environment?”

I have no problem with the author, or anyone else, spending their money in a futile effort to affect the planet’s environment. However, when they advocate spending our collective city of Bend funds on this futile effort, I object, especially when there are so many other local needs for these funds.

Dennis Sienko


Motorcycle sign is misleading

That little cup of whatever may cost you an extra $50 because the last parking space on the east side of Wall Street has a sign situated above it that, at a glance, looks like any of the other parking signs downtown — white, green letters — that many of us don’t notice. It says “motorcycles” and has a little green arrow pointing to the right.

Because this little arrow points to the right, many of us assume, if we notice it at all, that the “motorcycles” parking space is that large open space between the last white line and the corner. Not so. It’s an illusion, and parking in that space, if the parking guy goes by while you are savoring your Starbucks or checking out the shoes, is going to cost you as much as $50. That’s what the ticket you may get says.

Because this space is unmarked in any other manner whatsoever, except for the one, obscure little sign with an arrow pointing in the wrong direction that looks like all the others, it seems the city, knowingly or unknowingly, has set up a parking trap that may be netting the city of Bend as much as $50 every time the parking attendant walks by and sees a car or truck parked in that space.

Beware, and don’t be fooled, just because there is a motorcycle parked to the right of the last white line. It is the last space that is the trap.

Diana Hopson


Brown defends free birth control

It is unbelievable that in 2017, politicians in Washington, D.C., and even here in Bend are trying to reduce access to birth control (“Oregon law may preserve birth control coverage,” Oct. 6). Nine out of 10 women of reproductive age rely on birth control at some point during their lives for preventing pregnancy or treating medical conditions from endometriosis to irregular periods.

For women who live here in Oregon, reproductive health care is between them and their doctors — not at the discretion of their bosses or the president. In the months since Donald Trump has taken office, we’ve seen a full-on assault on women’s health and rights, and a disregard for women’s health and well-being. We’re talking about a fundamental right — to be able to decide how and when to care for oneself and one’s body.

Thankfully, Gov. Kate Brown will not let right-wing politicians in D.C. take that right away from thousands of people in Oregon. She recently signed the Reproductive Health Equity Act to safeguard no-cost contraception, regardless of what happens at the federal level.

It’s a shame that Knute Buehler voted against this landmark law to protect Oregonians. As a young woman living in Buehler’s legislative district, I want to have control over my body. If Buehler is going to call himself pro-choice, I expect that he will stand up for my rights to access health care.

Leah Schluter


Gun control is more guns

I believe, after we have witnessed so many mass killings, that people who have approved carry permits should make it known, at these get-togethers, that they have a weapon. This should show that group that we will not tolerate those killings.

Also, to me, gun control is more guns. How about this? An old couple live in this house. An old couple live in this house with their dog. An old couple live in this house with a gun. Which house is the bad guy going to go after? Get it?

Bob Roth