Pass Measure 100 to save animals

As a Bend resident and veterinarian I will be voting in support of Measure 100. If passed, this measure will outlaw the sale of parts and products of 12 species of endangered exotic animals within Oregon.

Since the health and welfare of all animals is a priority to veterinarians, many veterinarians in Oregon have endorsed this measure, including Oregon U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader.

I ask residents of Central Oregon to join me and my Oregon colleagues in support of Measure 100 to help save at-risk species from trade in the Oregon market.

In addition to federal laws, Washington, California and Hawaii have all recently passed state laws against wildlife trafficking, since traffickers and poachers can circumvent weak laws and regulations with little risk of consequences. Oregon animal welfare groups including Humane Oregon, Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Oregon Humane Society, along with leading national animal welfare organizations have also formally endorsed Measure 100 because removing the demand for products of poaching is the most effective way to inhibit the suffering and illegal wildlife trafficking of endangered animals.

Please vote yes on Measure 100 to help reduce the market for the products of poaching! You can find out more about it by going to

Katie Bahr


Vote Linthicum for state Senate

Senate District 28 has one of the of the finest established conservatives running for office, Dennis Linthicum.

Linthicum has a business degree in economics, is a successful businessman and rancher, and has an excellent record as a Klamath County commissioner.

He has stood up to protect his constituents against higher taxes by demanding county departments cut every unnecessary expense and balance the budget. His opposition to an unnecessary jail tax was backed by a voter confirmation on the defeat of Klamath County Measure 18-100.

Oregon needs a leader with established principles and that’s Linthicum. Political parties have platforms as their guiding principles by which candidates align themselves.

Linthicum’s opponent can’t decide which party he aligned with. All government needs balance, and right now it’s time to keep Salem in balance by voting for Linthicum for Senate District 28. Linthicum is for good government, not more government.

Linthicum has been endorsed by the NRA, Oregon Firearms Federation, Oregon Right to Life, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Klamath Basin Republican Women, Klamath County Republican Party, Central Oregon Republican Women, Deschutes Republican Party and the Jackson County Republican Party.

Gus deVries


Support Moseley for Bend council

Several months ago I met a person who is like a breath of fresh air among the usual suspects of the Bend political scene. That person is Bill Moseley. He comes from the tech world. He built a good business from nothing, and as a result he has plenty of common sense and talent when it comes to working with people, balancing budgets and preventing waste.

What is too often missing among many elected leaders, at all levels, is an appreciation of the fact that people work for the money they hand over in taxes. Those “revenues” are actually the sweat of somebody’s brow. The public is not some big ATM machine for politicians to draw upon at will. Moseley understands this.

He has already done a great deal for our community by helping to start the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board, now a critical part of our city government and a voice for common sense. He’s also been involved with numerous other community organizations.

Please help move things in a positive direction by voting for Bill Moseley.

Victor Chudowsky

Bend city councilor