This is a desert

Bend should adopt a policy of discouraging thirsty ornamental landscaping. We live in the desert, after all. A lot of grass has been planted here as eye-candy. It is wasteful in terms of water for irrigation, gasoline for mowing and herbicide for weed control. This year, I replaced one-third of my own lawn with drip-irrigated plantings. The converted area looks very nice and requires far less maintenance.

Tom Calderwood


Support the Montessori school

Supporters attended the latest Bend-La Pine School Board meeting to request charter status for the Desert Sky Montessori School. This school would serve grades one through eight. Bend has Montessori preschools, but this school will not compete with existing Montessori education. Instead, the proposal will offer the continuation of Montessori education beyond preschool. Montessori schools have demonstrated that their methods work well for kinesthetic learners, children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and special education students.

I attended this meeting, supported the proposal, and requested that the school board approve it.

I believe in quality education; I have three sons, two of whom hold doctorate degrees; my third son holds two bachelor degrees in different specialties. I know that my granddaughter is thriving in her Montessori preschool here in Bend and I would like to see her and her peers continue in a method of learning that is working outstandingly well for them.

There is great interest in this proposed new Desert Sky Montessori School since supporters have already received 690 “intent-to-enroll” forms from concerned parents. This shows that Bend parents want a Montessori School to teach/educate their children beyond preschool.

There is a “Bend focus” toward beer, dogs and kids. I’m for all three, but the foremost order in terms of priority is our kids, or in my case, my grandkids.

Please share your views on this proposal with the Bend-La Pine School Board. Also request that they approve charter status for the Desert Sky Montessori School.

John D. Phillips


Raise corporate taxes for a better Oregon

The latest form of politically correct speech requires that no one ever suggest that large, profitable corporations pay taxes in any form. The editorial board of the Bend Bulletin, in its Sept. 26 editorial, “The way to a worse Oregon,” is voicing the politically correct speech that CEOs in corporate boardrooms love to hear.

Here are the facts: Oregon has the lowest corporate tax rate and the third-largest school class sizes in the nation. Oregon’s graduation rate is also one of the lowest in the nation. In the past 10 years, the small school district where I worked reduced programs like art, music, library, and PE every year, in addition to cutting dozens of staff.

The Better Oregon campaign seeks to raise corporate income taxes to a 2.5 percent tax rate on earnings over $25 million, generated within the state of Oregon, and only on the earnings over $25 million. This measure seeks to gain revenue from the wealthiest corporations operating in Oregon.

Many, if not most, large, out-of-state corporations pay only the minimum corporate tax of $150 (state law does not permit divulging this information). The Better Oregon initiative measure will not increase taxes for the middle class, farmers, or small businesses and industries.

If we really do want a better Oregon, profitable companies in Oregon, selling to Oregonians, must pay their fair share to support the true costs of doing business in Oregon.

That’s why I support the Better Oregon campaign.

Mark S. Reynolds

Hood River

Know when to go

I want to know why people stay back when a yellow flashing arrow is on? There a lot of these arrows at intersections, and when people see them they still stay back. It is a caution yellow and drivers should move up and make the turn when safe, but they still do not move up and the person behind will not have a chance to turn. Is there a way to tell people about this?

Gary Wirth