Vote for Flaherty

Patrick Flaherty is criticized for letting go of ineffective prosecutors, but John Hummel’s charges about those firings are double talk in my opinion. The lawsuits and investigations were found to be without merit. The people who brought the suits are responsible for the costs to Deschutes County, not Flaherty.

The complaint “39% not prosecuted” is a false complaint. Those cases are adjudicated at arraignment or before trial, actually avoiding expensive trials.

Hummel’s charges are designed to confuse the facts, but the job description makes it clear. Patrick Flaherty is the man for the job. He is a prosecutor with 25 years’ experience and the district attorney’s office is running efficiently.

John Hummel has no prosecutorial experience — zero experience as a DA. John Hummel is just not qualified. Those are my opinions.

Cary Robles


Debt clock is ticking

It would be very interesting for all citizens to take the time to investigate the debt clock at It just boggles your mind as to how much information is within that site just by “clicking” on tabs. We all talk about debt, but to really understand that the United States has $129 trillion of unfunded liabilities, which is equivalent to $1.1 million per taxpayer, is really mind-boggling. And the $17.5 trillion debt equals to $55,200 per citizen and/or $151,600 for each taxpayer. And our own state debt is a whopping $37-plus billion or $9,600 per citizen.

As a citizen of the United States and Oregon, I could not conceive how our family would ever be able to finance the United States and Oregon debts without selling our “souls.” For all of you who stay within a managed budget to pay your automobile, groceries, housing, taxes, utilities, among many other expenses, KUDOS to you! However, the financial direction our country is going the wrong way and corrective action is required.

That being said, it is important and our God-given right to vote for candidates and measures. However, we all should have a thorough understanding of candidates’ positions and tax consequences for measures presented to us for a vote. The other ingredients are truth and trust. So questions you must ask yourself who can we trust and who is telling the truth!

Wayne Holland