Vote for Randy Miller

The Bulletin’s editorial supporting Randy Miller for Circuit Court was, in my opinion, well-balanced and logical, presenting the positive aspects of two very fine candidates. I have met Randy Miller at several venues and have been impressed with his veracity and integrity. In every case he presented issues in a clear and truthful manner, not as one would like them to be or wish they were. He is humble and compassionate.

As a Marine and NJROTC instructor in high school, I would tell my folks that you must have fire in your belly, desire in your heart, and determination in your mind. Someone once said, ‘Leadership is action, not position.” Randy Miller is outstanding in both respects and has my support to be a judge on our Circuit Court.

Mike Brock


Seley for Crook County

When Jack Seley was 12 years old, his days began at 4:30 a.m., helping his dad milk the cows, slop the hogs and do chores on a struggling Oregon farm. He grew to value hard work and family values! He worked his way through college.

At age 28, Jack managed a million BLM acres in California, with ranchers competing for grazing, and the city of Los Angeles demanding water rights. Promoted five times, he insisted that every department justify every dollar requested.

Jack retired from BLM when it changed from managing PUBLIC land to holding onto GOVERNMENT land. He disagrees with BLM now.

Jack and his wonderful wife, Win, selected Crook County as home, after Jack advanced through positions in five states. Jack has enjoyed serving on our City Council for seven years, coordinating city work with the county. He looks forward to serving as a county commissioner.

Seley follows the lessons he learned as a boy on a small Oregon farm. He learned the value of each person, the value of hard work and the value of a dollar, whether it is his dollar or the people’s. He is a fiscal conservative and he respects our Constitution.

Vote Jack Seley for Crook County commissioner.

Allan Smyth


Perkins for U.S. Senate

I am writing this letter to let you know there is another candidate running for the Republican Party. Running for U.S. Senate is Jo Rae Perkins. For some reason, the media have placed her on the back burner, as she is not backed by big bucks. Her two opponents receive big monetary support and media coverage.

Citizens of Oregon should determine who they want to represent our state, not the media. I personally, am proud to know Jo Rae Perkins is not financially backed by the GOP and/or out-of-state money. This shows that Perkins is willing, capable and determined and has integrity. Not having the financial resources for fancy and costly events may have some obstacles; however, Perkins is still out and about doing many meet and greets with citizens of Oregon. Having a candidate who can manage a campaign on a limited budget, through creative means, adds more emphasis on why she should represent Oregon in Washington, D.C. A real citizen, with real change, upholding the Constitution, and who is downright bold, will help Oregon jump on a road to success. Please join me in recognizing we have hope as a state to pick the candidate we would like to represent us.

Washington, D.C., needs a strong candidate to sit in the Senate, and Oregon needs a strong senator. If you would like to meet Jo Rae Perkins, host a meet and greet or just ask a question, please send those emails to . Please join me in voting for Jo Rae Perkins, where a financial backer is not a must, but ethics, integrity and true honest representation is.

Ann E. Melendy


Flaherty’s disdain for law

Deschutes County District Attorney Patrick Flaherty keeps telling us he is not a politician. But Flaherty’s own actions show that he has politicized his office to serve his own needs, and at the cost of taxpayers.

After he was elected four years ago, and before he even took office, Flaherty fired Chief Deputy District Attorney Darryl Nakahira for, among other things, his endorsement of former DA Mike Dugan’s re-election. Nakahira was fired for exercising his rights as a voting citizen. Today, Flaherty proudly claims that assistant DAs in his office support his re-election. How is that different from what Nakahira did? Given what happened to Nakahira, they’d be foolish to oppose Flaherty.

In his bid for re-election Flaherty continues to politicize his office for personal gain. He is running his campaign out of the DA’s office, as his assistant, Nichole Brown, has handled arrangements for candidate debates and endorsement meetings with the media while she is at work. Our tax dollars are being used to finance Flaherty’s re-election. That appears to be a clear violation of law.

These actions by Flaherty demonstrate disdain for the rights of citizens and taxpayers and abuse of power by the person who is supposed to be prosecuting lawbreakers, not breaking the law himself.

Michael Funke