Silver lining to immigrant driver’s licenses

After reading the editorial in the March 2 Bulletin concerning the chicanery the Legislature was trying to pull off regarding the wording of the ballot measure rewarding illegal immigration with a driver’s license, I realized there may be a silver lining if voters approve the measure.

A few months ago I was waiting in line at the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles with all the documentation I could carry establishing the fact that I was born in this country. My intention was to renew my Oregon driver’s license after having lived out of state for a few years. As I was waiting I overheard the vocal exchange between an elderly gentleman and the DMV clerk. The elderly gentleman was trying to renew his driver’s license that he had held since before the clerk was born. The gentleman was telling the clerk that he did not have a birth certificate and had never had one.

He explained he was born in rural Montana and as far as he knew no birth certificate ever existed documenting his birth. Also, he did not have a passport, as the only time he left the country was to serve in the military.

Eventually he was sent on his way without a driver’s license, but with a laundry list of hoop jumping to see if he could prove if he was an American.

I suppose that if the measure passes, the elderly fellow could go into the DMV and announce he just sneaked across the border and be handed his driver’s license. Absent that, he may want to contract with the same folks that found Obama’s birth certificate.

John T. Parr

La Pine

Spear has the qualities to be circuit court judge

I write to fully endorse T.J. (Thomas) Spear for circuit court judge. As former district attorney for Deschutes County, I have had the opportunity to observe many of the lawyers in our community. I hired many as deputy district attorneys. Spear was one of the lawyers I hired. I never regretted that decision.

Being a prosecutor is, at times, a stressful job. When Spear interviewed with me I knew almost immediately that there was no job in the district attorney’s office that would be either too difficult or too stressful for Spear to handle. Spear is a veteran. He was an officer on a nuclear attack submarine. That job and the success he had in the Navy told me he could do the job and handle the stress.

He worked hard to support families, working in the child support division of a district attorney’s office. He handled all manner of cases as a prosecutor and then went into private practice. In private practice he worked on many types of civil cases, including intellectual property law. He now specializes in family law, juvenile law and criminal law. His work is to protect his clients while enforcing the law.

Spear has all the attributes required of a circuit court judge. I urge your support and ask for you to vote for Spear.

Michael T. Dugan


Bend Senior Center is a great place

I don’t know much about the problems of the Bend Park & Recreation District and the Bend Senior Center. I only know that the Senior Center is a fine place to exercise.

The Senior Center is not as utilized as it deserves to be. It is an extraordinary place because the instructors are good — very good. It is also clean and warm.

There is a class called Functional Fitness. The instructor is a retired physical therapist and his class is informative and very amusing. He tells us why we are doing the exercises and that is important when you are trying to find a reason to exercise. I was having some back pain when I started his class and I feel a lot better now. I enjoy his class most of all.

The instructor for the Yoga Fitness and Yoga Flow classes does everything right and it is everything yoga class should be. I come away energized and relaxed. She is a gifted teacher.

Zumba is a blast. This instructor is fun and enthusiastic. I had never been in a Zumba class and she had me dancing. It didn’t feel like exercise because it was so enjoyable.

The Bend Senior Center is better than Juniper Swim and Fitness Center because Juniper is too crowded and parking is a problem almost any time of the day or evening. It isn’t just for retired people and the fees are less also. Go check it out for yourself.

Sandra Crippen