It isn’t easy to follow the logic of Oregon State University-Cascades Campus, especially when it comes to parking.

Nothing is more maddening than not being able to find a parking spot. Of all the things that can go wrong in your life, it’s nowhere near the worst. But inadequate parking is frustrating because it should be solvable.

And OSU-Cascades proposes a real headscratcher for parking for the initial phase of its new campus.

It says 305 spots is more than adequate.

That’s 305 spots for some 1,900 students. That doesn’t include faculty and staff. How does that add up?

People had a lot of questions. They wanted to know where the magic number 305 came from.

What were the assumptions?

OSU-Cascades said people will be able to read that when it submits its plan to the city.

Of course, the campus is also going to increase traffic in the area. OSU-Cascades says the road system in the area is adequate and no improvements are needed.

People pointed out traffic on Mt. Washington Drive can already get bad. When cars are parked on both sides of Chandler Avenue, the street is very difficult to negotiate. What were OSU-Cascades’ assumptions?

OSU-Cascades said people will be able to read about that when it submits its plan to the city.

After the meetings, we requested any drafts of the report OSU-Cascades plans to submit to the city.

OSU-Cascades said there is no draft.

So we asked for the written analysis or studies that led staff to their conclusions.

We didn’t get any meaningful reply before deadline.

Support for the OSU-Cascades expansion in Central Oregon has been positive. The community has supported it, including more than $4.6 million in private gifts. This editorial page has supported it. But there are still legitimate questions.

The community deserves to know how OSU-Cascades came up with its plan. Assurances or exacting plans without details are not enough.