Commentary: Competitive culture brings out the worst in scientists

The researcher claiming to have created the first gene-edited babies might be afflicted with a … Read more

Commentary: Racists to the Right, Anti-Semites to the Left

The last five years in Western politics has seen a repeated failure of “cordons sanitaires” … Read more

Commentary: Phone scammer’s fake call from ‘jail’ was wickedly personal

Before I get into the wickedly executed scam, know that my dad is an educated … Read more

Commentary: Trump has vast emergency powers unchecked by Congress

How is everyone coping with the national emergency? No, President Donald Trump has not yet … Read more

Commentary: Trump’s agents are willing to take a bullet for him. How can he treat them so flippantly?

I was 28 years old and single when my father was elected president. I was … Read more

Editorial: Change how vacancies are filled on the Bend City Council

When the Bend City Council was working on changing the city charter last year, it … Read more

Editorial: Possible topics for the Walden town hall

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, will be in Bend Saturday for a town hall meeting. … Read more

Guest column: Forest project will provide benefits

I feel compelled to respond to the guest column concerning Forest Service harvests on the … Read more

Commentary: Why infants may be more likely to die in America than Cuba

Claudia Fernández, 29, is an accountant who is expecting her first child, a girl, who … Read more

Editorial: Single district best for all

Jefferson County residents get their emergency services, fire and ambulance, in a way that most … Read more

Editorial: Legislature’s mixed messages on marijuana

Oregonians and those who work for them in the Legislature continue to have mixed feelings … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Neglect brings out the best in house plant

I learned something new — at least to me — the other day. Jade plants, … Read more

Commentary: The rudderless West

In August 1990, George H.W. Bush met Margaret Thatcher in Aspen right after Saddam Hussein’s … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Class size an expensive, unproven ‘fix’

In 2018 state Reps. Margaret Doherty, D-Portland, and Brian Clem, D-Salem, introduced legislation requiring the … Read more

Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t force state to underwrite unions

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it was wrong to force people to support causes … Read more

Commentary: We don’t need the cruelty of call-out culture

A few months ago, I listened to a podcast that has haunted me since — … Read more

Letters: Don’t endorse incompetence; Punish Congress; Bag debate deteriorates

Don’t endorse incompetence The Bulletin reports that Bend businessman Sam Carpenter wants to become chair … Read more

Editorial: Improve Oregon’s public records law

People seeking public records in Oregon get all kinds of abuse. Public agencies ignore them. … Read more

Editorial: County should add rural housing option

Fixing Oregon’s affordable housing problem is going to come in pieces. The Legislature passed a … Read more

Guest column: Committee bypasses the public in school name

As a longtime Bend resident, I am tremendously frustrated by the actions of the Bend-La … Read more

Letters: Nothing good about shutdown; A path to moderation; The need for Fox News?; Bad timing from Trump

Nothing good about shutdown This is an open letter to our president, our senators and … Read more

Editorial: Proceed with caution

Sometime this spring the city of Bend will begin work on a major new sewer … Read more

Editorial: Audit’s timing on target

On Jan. 8 the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office released an audit of Portland Public … Read more

Letters: Danger at Wanoga; How to address Trump; Bad cats; Fight Alzheimer’s

Danger at Wanoga Last month, we planned our yearly excursion to Wanoga Sno-park for a … Read more

Commentary: Flight attendants aren’t waitresses in the sky

The world’s first eight flight attendants took to the air in May 1930. They were … Read more

Editorial: Bend climate proposals are not voluntary

The city of Bend and its Climate Action Steering Committee are “inviting Bend residents to … Read more

Editorial: A salute to the creativity in the Bend schools and state fire marshal’s office

We have learned again never to underestimate the power of human imagination. The Bend schools … Read more

Guest column: Let Trump use the “Go Fund Me” page

This is the first year that I am making a resolution that I will be … Read more

Letters: Bulletin neglected important part of meeting; The flaws of reusable bags; Use care in redeveloping inn

Bulletin neglected important part of meeting Sen. Merkley’s Jan. 4 town hall was exhilarating, sobering, … Read more

Commentary: Making room for second chances in the #MeToo era

The longer that the #MeToo movement continues, the more important these questions will become: When … Read more

Commentary: Google knows you better than your doctor ever could

Thanks to a combination of Google, WebMD and the $6,000 deductible on my health insurance, … Read more

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