Drive into the city of Bend parking lot at the corner of Wall Street and Greenwood Avenue and it’s like entering the land that logic forgot.

Glance up at the parking sign and if you can decipher it quickly, congratulations. Many people are confused.

How long can you park? How much does it cost? Can you move your car and park for more hours? Why on earth do people need to download an app to park? And the bottom line: Why must parking be so complicated?

The city’s downtown parking advisory committee — made up of downtown business owners and others — is working on a solution. Believe it or not, the bottom sign of the three was recently added to clear up the confusion provided by the top two. If they add three more signs, it could finally be mission accomplished. The design may have already changed by the time you read this. That signpost is getting a workout.

We didn’t take a poll at the committee’s meeting last week, but the committee sure seems determined to implement paid parking throughout downtown Bend. If paying for parking isn’t what you want for Bend’s downtown, tell your councilors. Email them at .