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On March 1, 2023, two significant events will occur in Bend that will affect the lives of all residents.

First, the city of Bend has mandated that the entire unhoused community on Hunnell must vacate the area. Having been a service provider to these folks for the last year I can tell you that this is a diverse and active community of over 8 years. A significant portion of Hunnell is made up of seniors who are financially unstable, live in motor homes that don’t run, and manage their lives on their extremely meager monthly social security check. The city of Bend has mandated that all leave with a public acknowledgment that they have no plan as to where residents should go, and they will end up on the streets. The city has a waiting list of over 200 unhoused people with no plan to purposefully relocate them or the 80 additional people from Hunnell.

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Jim Tudor has been providing help to the unhoused on Hunnell Road for the past year, including espresso.

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Why not use the old campground at Cooley and Hwy. 97? It has been for sale for years and nothing has happened. I am sure it already has electricity, plumbing, and sewer because of its previous use. 38 acres could provide a location for tiny homes, campers, group kitchen, laundry, and be managed by local nonprofits. The time has come to stop kicking the can down the road. How much has been spent cleaning up and moving people around town over and over again? The issues with homelessness aren't going away anytime soon. The Governor is putting up funds, so why not put them to use.

Long and Variable

I'm sympathetic, and a short delay maybe needed next week, but think the drug bust there in December changed the calculus for the city. We've got concentrated poverty right next to the fentanyl highway. That confluence needs to be broken up, even if all that happens is that it is people move around for a bit and come back at a future point in time, when we will likely have more resources form the state.


Give them free stuff and they will come.

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