Compiled by Don Hoiness from archived copies of The Bulletin at Deschutes County Historical Society.


For the week ending

Sept. 15, 1918

Russian betrayers reported in hiding

Cables received from Stockholm report that Lenin and Trotsky, the betrayers of Russia, are aboard a warship in Kronstadt harbor under the protection of the German flag ready to flee to Germany if the occasion demands it. It is reported that it is hardly probable that the Bolsheviki leaders will again be permitted to touch soil without the military protection of Germany.

Germans cannot capture Americans

In a sharp fight northwest of Colmar in Alsace, the Americans repulsed a heavy raid following an intense barrage laid down by the enemy, in which more than 200 mine throwers were used against our trenches, and a thousand big caliber shells were thrown against our communication lines.

Despite the large number of patrol operations the Germans for weeks have been unable to take a single American prisoner on the Lorraine front. Captured Germans declare that they were ordered to take prisoners immediately or it would be necessary to make a raid as large as an attack to get the information which is desired by the enemy.

Brooks fund ends S.A. drive

Clang! Did you hear the bell ring this morning?

It rang with a loud noise, the gong was smashed, the pieces flew all about and the Salvation Army drive was over so far as the Bend quota was concerned.

Brooks-Scanlon did the trick with a smashing subscription of $180, “and more to come,” in the words of an officer of the company, the contribution of company employees in all departments.

No further effort will be made to increase the amount of the Bend subscriptions, the present total being almost up to the quota for the whole county, and with the special contribution made at the Labor Day picnic, much in excess of the amount asked of the whole county.


For the week ending

September 15, 1943

Italy surrenders

Allied Headquarters, North Africa — Italy has surrendered unconditionally and ordered its armed forces to resist the Nazis if they should try to interfere with the surrender.

The Italian collapse was announced today by Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, who said that he had granted Italy a military armistice and that it was effective “this instant.”

At that hour Eisenhower went to a microphone of the United Nations radio station and read his statement to the world.

Eisenhower said: “This is General Dwight D. Eisenhower, commander-in-chief of the of the allied forces. The Italian government has surrendered its armed forces unconditionally. I have granted a military armistice, the terms of which have been approved by the government of the United Kingdom, the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics. Thus I am acting in the interest of the United Nations. The Italian government has bound itself to abide by these terms without reservation.”

Hitler breaks long silence, blasts Italy

Adolf Hitler apparently reading with great rapidity from a prepared manuscript — broke an oratorical silence of almost six months to denounce Italy’s surrender as a “shameful betrayal” of the axis and of Germany.

Hitler again said that Germany would strike back and that allied air attack will be broken and repaid by the luftwaffe, but he complained that nobody in Rome had tipped him off before the government of Marshal Pietro Badoglio surrendered to the allies.

“May the blood of German soldiers be upon the treacherous Italians,” Hitler said in a strange, 16-minute speech that was in marked contrast to his previous two-hour harangues to the German people.

Nazis report capture of Rome and Naples following seizure of all Northern Italy

Germany officially reported the capitulation of Rome today after a furious battle between Italian and Nazi forces and claimed the seizure of Naples, all of Northern Italy after many clashes with Italian troops.

Hitler boasts rescue of his old partner, Benito Mussolini

Germany boasted today that Former Premier Benito Mussolini had been snatched from the new Italian government and allied quarters speculated that if true, this might mean the beginning of an attempt by Adolf Hitler to pump life into the discredited fascist party and revive the axis partnership.

Berlin hints Premier Mussolini will soon announce new fascist government for Italy — Mussolini announces he is again ruler of fascist Italy


For the week ending

September 15, 1968

Trojans should go all the way with O.J.

O.J. Simpson. That one name sums up the 1968 edition of collegiate football on the West Coast.

Barring a crippling injury, the lithe USC speedster should again head UPI’s All-America team, be a premier contender of a Heisman Trophy and, more important lead the Trojans into the Rose Bowl for a third straight year.

John McKay’s juggernaut rolled up a 10-1 record to gain the top spot in the UPI rankings last season and despite the loss of 11 of 22 starters the Trojans are odds-on favorites to defend their Pac-8 title.

Upstart Oregon State, the giant-killer of the 1967 campaign, and Tommy Prothro’s always tough UCLA Bruins should battle it out for the second spot with the Washington Huskies given an outside chance of sneaking in for runner-up honors.

Stanford and California are tabbed for fifth and sixth places with Oregon and Washington State fighting to keep out of the basement.

Cancer victim Talman left smoking warning message

Television actor William Talman, who died of lung cancer August 30, left a special legacy in the form of a one-minute taped message about smoking, which is now being televised by stations across the country.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) said Thursday that Talman, who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day during most of his adult life, knew before he died that he had an incurable case of lung cancer.

The ACS said he asked the society to distribute his message, saying “I want to do what I can to leave a world free of cancer for my six children.”

Talman, best known as the prosecuting attorney who was defeated every week on the Perry Mason show, recalled that role and life’s last battle in his recorded message.

“You know, I didn’t really mind losing those courtroom battles,“ he said. “But I’m in a battle now I don’t want to lose at all because if I lose it, it means losing my wife and those kids you just met. I’ve got lung cancer.

“So take some advice about smoking and losing from someone who’s been doing both for years. If you haven’t smoked — don’t start. If you do smoke — quit. Don’t be a loser.”

A spokesman said Talman also made a special short film which will be shown to ACS volunteers during the society’s fund-raising drive next spring.

Shirley is back in politics

Former child movie star Shirley Temple Black spoke at a press conference in Rome yesterday where she urged support for the Republican Party’s presidential ticket. The 40-year-old Mrs. Black is in Rome speaking to members of the large American community there. She is touring Western Europe to drum up support for the Nixon-Agnew ticket.


For the week ending

September 15, 1993

Bend sawmill site sold; mill to lease it back

Crown Pacific Ltd., whose multi-million dollar purchase of DAW Forest Products Oregon holdings that closed Wednesday, has already sold off the Bend sawmill to a development company.

Deeds reveal that Crown Pacific has sold the 200-acre Bend sawmill site — considered prime riverfront property — to River Bend Ltd Partnership for $4 million.

River Bend Ltd is headed by William Smith, a Bend developer who sits on Crown Pacific’s board of directors.

Smith said this morning that the partnership will lease the site back to Crown Pacific entities for “as long as they want.” He added, “As long as they want is as long as they can get wood.”

While Crown Pacific owns 212,000 acres of timberland in Central Oregon, and is purchasing 263,000 acres from DAW in Idaho, Montana and Washington, officials have said operation of the Bend sawmill depends on increasingly scarce public timber.

Crown already operates sawmills in Prineville and Gilchrist which it supplies from its private timber holdings. Officials said the company’s private timber won’t stretch far enough to supply the Bend mill as well.

In conjunction with the close Wednesday of the deal for DAW’s Oregon holdings, Crown also announced that it had reached agreement to buy mill and timber holdings of DAW and its sister company, W-I Forest Products Inc., elsewhere in the Northwest.

Smith said he doesn’t have immediate plans for redevelopment of the Bend sawmill site.

The myth of the dumb jock (editorial)

Richard Morin, director of polling for The Washington Post, writes that in these politically correct days, the myth of the dumb jock may be the last stereotype left standing. It should be knocked down, too.

The findings of recent studies on athletic participation and school performance are worth reading, especially in the Bend-LaPine school district and other places where athletes are trying to keep their sports alive.

Survey data collected in the 1980’s from more than 10,000 randomly selected high school students found that participation in sports appeared to enhance self-image and school performance. Athletes get better grades and have higher graduation rates than the student body at large.

Athletes, coaches, teachers and parents in the Bend area have argued over the past year that sports are tremendously valuable to young people. They are in the midst of an effort to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund sports in the Bend-LaPine district. Those kids putting on events and scrambling for financial support are not dumb jocks. They are among the most intelligent, talented youngsters in this community.