Scott Hammers / The Bulletin

A civil suit filed against convicted rapist Thomas Bray will be dropped, the attorney representing Bray’s victim said Tuesday.

Bray, 38, was convicted in July of the February 2011 rape of a 23-year-old woman he’d met through the online dating service Friday, Bray was sentenced to serve 25 years in prison.

During Bray’s trial, his attorneys noted the $1.975 million suit the woman had filed against him, and suggested she had a financial motive for fabricating the rape accusation. The woman — whom The Bulletin is not identifying — testified that she’d filed the suit as a way of holding Bray accountable in the event he was acquitted on the criminal charges.

Attorney Jennifer Coughlin said the woman asked her to withdraw the suit Monday, and that she plans to file the papers to do so later this week.

The woman feels vindicated by the outcome of Bray’s criminal trial, Coughlin said, and does not wish to go through another trial.

“I don’t feel like it was her intention from the beginning to drop it if he was acquitted.... I think at this point, she’s reached closure, she’s just done,” Coughlin said. “Litigation is not a fun thing.”

The woman sought damages for both physical and psychological injuries, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia, during and after the attack.

Bray, a former anesthesiologist, did residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. In Bend, he was a part-time anatomy instructor at Central Oregon Community College for a single term.

The woman, who now lives near Seattle, has been undergoing counseling since the rape. Traveling to Bend to attend court hearings during the criminal trial interrupted her counseling schedule, Coughlin said, and her counselors have advised her it will be difficult to address her psychological issues as long as the legal proceedings are under way.

Separately, as of midafternoon Tuesday, Bray was no longer listed on the Deschutes County Jail inmate roster, or on the list of state prison inmates maintained by the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Jail staff said for security reasons they do not publicly share information about when inmates are being transferred.