Rachael Rees / The Bulletin

RallyCause, a Bend mobile app company, has joined a Portland entrepreneurship program to help fund and accelerate the company’s growth.

“People are recognizing companies from Bend in the greater entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Lisa Flynn, co-founder of RallyCause. “Bend is definitely on the map as a hub of entrepreneurial activity.”

The company’s app allows customers to direct a portion of their purchases from local businesses to a charity, nonprofit or other cause they select.

Since its mid-September launch, Flynn said, the number of users, businesses and causes has more than doubled, with nearly 100 causes in Central Oregon.

RallyCause was selected last week for the Portland Seed Fund, a 90-day startup accelerator, similar to Bend’s FoundersPad, in which RallyCause previously participated. In addition to giving each company $25,000 in capital, the Portland program provides startups with mentors and experts, all of which will help RallyCause compete for higher-level investments, Flynn said.

“The pace in which you grow is usually dependent on how much money you have to hire people and keep up with demand,” she said. “We feel like we’re getting close to a tipping point, and Portland Seed Fund is going to help us scale — make (RallyCause) exponentially larger.”

But no matter how big RallyCause gets, Flynn said she plans to keep the company in Bend and active within the local community.

For more information

The owners of Bend startup RallyCause have scheduled an informational, fundraising event from 4-6 p.m. tonight at Bend d’Vine Chocolate Cafe & Wine Bar, 916 N.W Wall St.