Marielle Gallagher / The Bulletin

It’s the day after Halloween when Jack Herscheberger places the first of many reindeer on his front lawn in northeast Bend.

If it were up to Jack, a retired aeronautical engineer, they would have been out earlier, according to his wife, Sandy. “I told him he can put up lights around the windows and stuff, but I didn’t want to see a reindeer on the lawn until after Halloween,” she said. “Boy, the (day after Halloween) the reindeer were out there.”

In the months before Halloween, though, the process of Christmas decorating had already begun. “In July and August, I start bringing lights and stuff in the house,” Jack said.

The process continues until the Herscheberger place is among the dozens of homes in Central Oregon extravagantly decorated for the holiday.

The reindeer come out of their stable, which is a shed in the backyard coined the “Christmas shed” by the Herschebergers, who erected it specifically to house their decorations.

Christmas figurines and lights occupy the living room and den from August until October as Jack tests each light and pinpoints problems.

Unlike most, Jack doesn’t simply throw away a whole strand of lights when a few bulbs or a section fail to illuminate. Armed with extra bulbs, holders and wire, Jack works to remedy problems by replacing bulbs or splicing new wire into a section of the strand. Most repairs take about an hour and a half, giving reason to the three months of preparation time involved.

All ornamentation is then plugged in to approximately 25 timers. If you happen to be outside the home at 5:30 p.m., don’t be shocked when thousands of lights power on simultaneously.

On the front lawn, motorists and pedestrians can see Santa with a motorcycle, Santa and his reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, deer, a set of drums, a stack of presents, a reindeer jumping through a hoop and a snow globe, to name a few of the decorations.

And, as if his own home isn’t enough work, he also decorates the house across the street, where the Herschebergers’ daughter, Shanda Finley, lives.

And the next-door neighbor, Barbara Swofford, also decorates her home elaborately.

Combined, the trio of homes creates a glow of lights bright enough that people say the corner could serve as an airfield for landing planes.

Sandy says Bend’s former chief of police, Andy Jordan, used to joke that he could always tell when the Herschebergers’ display came on because the lights at the police department, which is down the street, would dim.

The Herschebergers’ electric bill, which normally runs about $80 per month, increases to $200 in December. Sandy proposed they put a box for contributions out on the street, but Jack disagreed, saying “Santa Claus wouldn’t do that.”

Even though the Herschebergers are in bed by 8, or even 7:30 p.m., and consequently don’t often see the line of cars inching past their house, Jack says he simply does it for people’s enjoyment. Curious neighbors catch him in the street months before the ornaments go up to ask what new items he’ll be adding to the yard. “This year it’s a wreath on the wall, couple of Christmas trees and some icicle lights.”

The Herschebergers’ home is located at 1658 N.E. Matson Road in Bend.

Region’s homes sparkle

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The following homes have extravagant Christmas light displays that are worthy of checking out, according to Central Oregon community members and Bulletin employees who have nominated homes.

Streets without numbers are areas of multiple homes with light displays.

NE Bend

• 1658 N.E. Matson Road

• 1177 N.E. Penn Ave.

• 1586 N.E. Providence Drive

• Northeast Boston Place (cul-de-sac of homes)

• 1358 N.E. Locksley Drive

• 8150 N.E. Richmond Court

• 3170 N.E. Barrington Court

• 134 N.E. Telima Lane

• 1334 N.E. Eighth St.

• 1134 N.E. Sixth St.

• 445 N.E. Emerson Ave.

• 532 N.E. Burnside Ave.

• 2587 N.E. Eighth St.

• 1476 N.E. Mabel Court

• 2994 N.E. Sandy Drive

• 20853 N.E. Daniel Duke Way

• 63128 N.E. Desert Sage St.

• 20944 N.E. Lava Flow Lane

• 20720 Barton Crossing Way

• 20729 Liberty Drive

• 63331 N.E. Majestic Loop

• 1476 N.E. Mabel Court

• 20818 Dione Way

• 2300 N.E. Meadow Lane

NW Bend

• 3041 Kenwood Court

• 2519 Todd’s Crest

• 540 Powell Butte Loop

• 2626 Pilot View Court

• 2865 Lucas Court

• 1217 Elliot Court

• 1160 Constellation

• 2583 Foley Court

• 2556 Foley Court

• 2524 N.W. Ordway Ave.

• 2629 N.W. Bratton Lane

• 2504 N.W. Shields Drive

• 2131 N.W. High Lakes Loop

• 2140 N.W. High Lakes Loop

• N.W. Lindsay Court

• 63380 N.W. Lava Crest

• 593 N.W. Sean Court

• 1154 N.W. Redfield Circle

SW Bend

• 945 S.W. Columbia St.

• 19645 S.W. Clear Night Drive

• 19989 S.W. McClellan Road

• 19911 S.W. McClellan Road

• 61600 S.W. Rock Bluff Lane

• S.W. Linton Loop

• S.W. Brookside Way

• S.W. Meadowbrook Drive • S.W. Summer Shade Drive • Brookswood Boulevard and Copper Cannon Road

• S.W. Parkwood Court (cul-de-sac of homes)

• Roosevelt Avenue and Chamberlain Street (great lookout point for The Old Mill District lights)

• House on bluff viewed from S.W. Century and Mt. Washington drives

SE Bend

• 132 S.E. Craven Road

• 1126 S.E. Gatewood Place

• 370 S.E. Airpark Drive

• 265 S.E. Soft Tail Drive

• 837 S.E. Polaris Court

• 532 N.E. Burnside Ave.

• S.E. Clairaway Avenue, west of 27th Street

• S.E. Soft Tail Loop

• S.E. Shadowood Drive

• S.E. Fairwood Drive

• S.E. Airpark • Drive, north of S.E. Bronzewood Avenue

• Ritz Place

• S.E. Douglas Street

• 20450 Jacklight Lane

• 61178 Dayspring Drive

• 20308 Aberdeen Drive

• Sarah Drive

• 1950 S.E. Fairwood Drive

• 61771 Arrow Ave.

• 61525 and 61521 Ridgeview Ave.

• 21058 S.E. Perrigan Lane


• 2927 Sugarpine Road

• 701 N.E. Mariposa Way


• 3626 S.W. Volcano Court

• Between 3760 and 2801 S.W. Cascade Vista Drive

• 2453 S.W. Wickiup Court

• 1128 S.W. Black Butte Blvd.

• 312 S.W. Canyon Drive

• S.W. Canyon Drive and Cascade Ave.


• N.W. Nickernut Court (cul-de-sac)

• 16863 Jacinto Road


• 240 Mountainview Road