Erin Foote Marlowe / The Bulletin

The High Desert Museum announced two new recipients of the Donald M. Kerr award Friday. Two women from Nevada, Carolyn and Linda Dufurrena, drew the attention of the museum this year for their work in chronicling life, culture and the landscape of the High Desert of northern Nevada.

The $5,000 cash award is funded by the Chile's Foundation, of Portland, and recognizes the contributions of private citizens working in their own communities for sustainable resource management. Recipients may be from California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and British Columbia.

Linda Dufurrena, and her daughter-in-law, Carolyn Duferrena, co-created ”Fifty Miles from Home: Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch.” The book explores - through photos and written word - the High Desert world of the Quinn Ranch, north of Winnemucca, in northwestern Nevada.

”Through their writing and photography, they are preserving the cultural history of ranching communities in the Nevada High Desert,” said Cathy Carroll, communications manager for the High Desert Museum.

From cattle and lamb ranching to the geology of the stark Black Rock Desert, the women wove a story that creates awareness and appreciation of High Desert life worthy of the Kerr award, Carroll said.

”This is very gratifying,” said Carolyn Duferrena of the award, ”especially since we don't live in this neighborhood.”

Duferrena said the two women decided to write their book as a way to gather the stories of their ranch together.

She said the book is based on a calendar year of Quinn Ranch as well as a compass of what happens in each of the four directions during each season.

Duferrena said her mother-in-law will use the funds to repair her photo equipment, while she will use them to create a book of poetry.

The museum planned to award the women their prizes at a High Desert Museum board meeting Friday night. A book signing is scheduled for 10 a.m. today at the High Desert Museum, Duferrena said.