Jobless rates in Crook and Deschutes counties were essentially unchanged in May from the month before, while the rate in Jefferson County dropped slightly, according to an Oregon Employment Department report released Monday.

Deschutes County’s jobless rate was 11.1 percent in May. The county added 1,460 jobs between April and May, far more than expected for the month. But that’s likely due in part to slow hiring the month before, the report said.

Crook County’s jobless rate was 13.5 percent in May. That’s essentially unchanged from the 13.4 percent rate in April. The county added 130 jobs, at a time when 140 new jobs are typically seen.

In Jefferson County, the 12 percent jobless rate in May was down from 12.2 percent the month before. The county added 170 jobs in May, a month that typically sees 110 new jobs.

All three counties have higher levels of nonfarm employment, and lower unemployment rates, than in May 2011.