Western Washington hit with more snow, wind, power outages

Ray Polhemus, 74, tries to open the frozen-shut driver's side door of his Toyota in Spokane, Wash., Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020. Polhemus said he was eager to finish the cleaning the vehicle so he could go skiing for the day at North Mountain Resort, with a temperature indicated 49 degrees Fahrenheit then.

PORT ANGELES, Wash. — Another winter storm brought more snow to Western Washington through Wednesday morning, dropping more than a foot of snow on parts of the Olympic Peninsula.

The Seattle metro area didn’t see much new snow but many schools, including those in Seattle, remain delayed or closed because of lingering snow and ice. But reports from Port Angeles, on the peninsula, ranged up to 20 inches of snow.

Scattered power outages were reported, with more than 10,000 people were without power early Wednesday morning.

Winter weather advisories were also in effect for parts of Western Oregon through Wednesday evening, with many schools delayed because of concerns about icy roads.

SEATTLE — One year after Microsoft announced it was committing $500 million toward affordable housing in the Seattle area, it’s upping that by half. The additional $250 million will provide a line of credit to finance about 3,000 additional units of affordable housing, Jane Broom, the company’s senior director of philanthropies, said Wednesday.

Microsoft’s success has helped the region boom economically, but the cost of housing has skyrocketed at the same time.

Microsoft announced the funding a year ago, saying the money would provide market-rate or below-market-rate loans to affordable housing developers, and toward grants to address homelessness, such as by providing legal help to those facing eviction.

— Bulletin wire reports

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