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Allegations against a top Democrat — Ahead of Minnesota’s primaries Tuesday, Rep. Keith Ellison has … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Tuesday, Aug. 14, the 226th day of 2018. There are 139 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. In … Read more

Fierce and unpredictable: How do wildfires become infernos?

MISSOULA, Mont. — In a large metal warehouse, Mark Finney opens a tall, clear glass … Read more

Amber Tatro was center of landmark Supreme Court ruling for disabled students

Amber Leigh Tatro had plenty of cause to be down on the world. And yet, … Read more

Taliban kill more than 200 Afghan defenders

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan government forces lost more than 200 officers and soldiers in fighting … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Monday, Aug. 13, the 225th day of 2018. There are 140 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1961, East Germany sealed off the border between Berlin’s eastern and western sectors … Read more

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Koreas begin summit talks — Senior officials from the rival Koreas met Monday to set … Read more

White House staffer’s dismissal was recorded, a security breach

Omarosa Manigault Newman secretly taped John Kelly, White House chief of staff, as he fired … Read more

The Iraqi spy who was able to infiltrate ISIS

BAGHDAD — The driver was sweating as his white Kia pickup sped along a rain-slicked … Read more

White nationalist rally had tiny turnout

WASHINGTON — After weeks of hype, white supremacists managed to muster just a couple of … Read more

After weeks, orca finally abandons the body of her dead calf

A grieving orca whale has released the body of her dead calf after carrying it … Read more

Break in weather helps California firefighters battle massive blazes

LOS ANGELES — Cooler, calmer weather is helping firefighters get a handle on battling the … Read more

Authorities investigate how airline employee stole plane

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Investigators are piecing together how an airline ground agent working his regular … Read more

Rogue fishing plunders the ocean’s top predator

MANTA, Ecuador — It was billed as the biggest poaching bust in history, a monumental … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Sunday, Aug. 12, the 224th day of 2018. There are 141 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1981, IBM introduced its first personal computer, the model 5150, at a press … Read more

Rally in Charlottesville attracts peaceful crowd

Charlottesville, Virginia, was marking the anniversary of last summer’s white supremacist violence with marches, vigils … Read more

Winners of Hawaii’s Democratic primaries favored in November

HONOLULU — The winners of most of the Democratic Party’s primary races in Hawaii this … Read more

Students return to school with heightened security

PARKLAND, Fla. — Fortified by fences and patrolled by more armed personnel, schools will open … Read more

Taliban travel from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan for rare talks

ISLAMABAD — In a rare diplomatic foray and the strongest sign yet of the Taliban’s … Read more

Students turn grief into tech startup after France attack

BERKELEY, Calif. — California college student Anjali Banerjee was watching fireworks during a 2016 celebration … Read more

Canadian police charge suspect in shooting that left 4 dead

TORONTO — Canadian police charged a man Saturday for the deaths of two police officers … Read more

Juror: ‘It’s possible someone is lying’

The 37-year-old married father of two from a Portland suburb said he pulled no punches … Read more

V.S. Naipaul was a Nobel Prize-winning author

LONDON — The family of Trinidad-born British author V.S. Naipaul says the Nobel Literature laureate … Read more

Man denied sale of rifle by Dick’s and Walmart seeks $1M

Companies barred sales to customers under 21 after Florida shooting in February

A Jackson County man is seeking $1 million in punitive damages against two retail chains … Read more

Body scanners are a new tool to keep contraband out

The machine takes up almost an entire office, a red light lit as a conveyor … Read more

NASA spacecraft will fly through the sun’s scorching atmosphere

CHICAGO — It was 1958. Sputnik launched a year earlier, the first human-made object to … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Saturday, Aug. 11, the 223rd day of 2018. There are 142 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1965, rioting and looting that claimed 34 lives broke out in the predominantly … Read more

2 police officers among 4 dead in Canada shooting

MONTREAL — Two police officers are among four confirmed dead, and one person is in … Read more

Crews fight to keep flames from homes in California

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif. — Firefighters fought to spare homes Friday from a growing Southern California … Read more

Hunters killed a mother bear, newborn cubs, Alaskan troopers say

A man and his teenage son have been charged with illegal hunting after killing a … Read more

Manatees are dying mysteriously in southern Mexico, near oil site

As many as 50 manatees have died, floating to the surface of rivers and lagoons … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Friday, Aug. 10, the 222nd day of 2018. There are 143 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1792, during the French Revolution, mobs in Paris attacked the Tuileries Palace, where … Read more

Flames inch close to California homes

LOS ANGELES — An intentionally set wildfire grew perilously close to homes in Southern California … Read more

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