Consistent threat of email hacking hangs over politicians

WASHINGTON — A new reality has set in to political campaigns: Candidates must expect that … Read more

Bonaldo Giaiotti was a stalwart operatic bass

His soccer team had just lost a big game and Bonaldo Giaiotti, a 20-year-old furniture … Read more

Scientists discover the world’s 1st known manta ray nursery

SAN DIEGO — The University of California, San Diego has discovered the world’s first known … Read more

The death of African giants and a Mesoamerican mystery

Africa’s ‘wooden elephants’ are falling On Jan. 7, 2016, a group of tourists set out … Read more

A call for 6th military branch: ‘Space Force’

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump announced Monday he is directing the Pentagon to create a … Read more

Trump resists anger over action at border

President Donald Trump and two members of his Cabinet mounted an aggressive defense Monday of … Read more

Yosemite’s ancient trees are back in public view

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. — John Muir, the naturalist who was most at home sleeping … Read more

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Pentagon suspends drill with South Korea — The Pentagon announced Monday it was suspending a … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Tuesday, June 19, the 170th day of 2018. There are 195 days left in the year.

Highlight: In 1953, Julius Rosenberg, 35, and his wife, Ethel, 37, convicted of conspiring to … Read more

Artificial trans fats are no more, and your heart is likely thankful

Once ubiquitous in everything from frozen pizza to coffee creamer to popcorn, artificial trans fats … Read more

Featured obituary: Producer of ‘Scarface,’ other movies

Martin Bregman, the outspoken, notoriously tenacious film producer behind “Scarface,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Serpico” and … Read more

A mother and son, separated at the U.S. border

They’d had a plan: Elsa Johana Ortiz Enriquez packed up what little she had in … Read more

Citizen scientists sign up to monitor bumblebees

BOISE, Idaho — Hundreds of citizen scientists have begun buzzing through locations across the Pacific … Read more

Bipartisan voices call for halt to family separations

WASHINGTON — Leading figures of both parties pressured President Donald Trump on Sunday to halt … Read more

In presidential election, Colombia chooses a populist conservative

BOGOTÁ, Colombia — Iván Duque, a populist young conservative who tapped into dissatisfaction with the … Read more

How ‘mermaids’ dance underwater for half an hour at a time

The auditorium at Weeki Wachee Springs sits 16 feet underground. Long wooden benches face a … Read more

Border policy was spurned as inhumane

WASHINGTON — Almost immediately after President Donald Trump took office, his administration began weighing what … Read more

Tusklessness protects elephants at park

ADDO, South Africa — Through the narrow slit of the underground hide in front of … Read more

Boys outperform girls in math in rich, white and suburban districts

In much of the country, the stereotype that boys do better than girls at math … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Sunday, June 17, the 168th day of 2018. There are 197 days left in the year.

Highlight: On June 17, 1775, the Revolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill resulted in a … Read more

Deadly blast punctures Afghanistan’s brief peace

JALALABAD, Afghanistan — A remarkable thing happened in Afghanistan’s war. There were nearly two days … Read more

Former guerrilla, young conservative vie to lead Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia — Colombians will choose between a leftist former guerrilla and a young conservative … Read more

How a trade war between the US and China could play out

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is betting Beijing will blink first in the showdown over … Read more

‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day card pulled from stores

Takeisha Saunders was browsing Father’s Day cards at a Target store in Dallas in late … Read more

Reese was a leading seller of rare books

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — William Reese, whose encyclopedic knowledge of historic American books and manuscripts … Read more

Taliban leader who ordered Malala attack is killed in drone strike

KABUL, Afghanistan — A U.S. drone strike killed the leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Mullah … Read more

Judge orders Manafort to jail pending trial

WASHINGTON — A federal judge revoked Paul Manafort’s bail and sent him to jail Friday … Read more

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Rand Paul attack — The neighbor of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was sentenced Friday to … Read more

Lawsuit accuses Harvard of bias

Analysis finds Asian-Americans rated lower on personality traits

Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than others on traits like “positive personality,” likability, courage, … Read more

99-million-year-old frog found encased in amber

At first glance, the oddly shaped splotches darkening a vibrant yellow piece of amber appear … Read more

Today in history, and birthdays

It’s Saturday, June 16, the 167th day of 2018. There are 198 days left in the year.

Highlight: On June 16, 1963, the world’s first female space traveler, Valentina Tereshkova, 26, was … Read more

Gentleman bank robber turned writer

OTTAWA, Ontario — Stephen Reid, who helped carry out a long series of bank robberies … Read more

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