— Bulletin wire reports

British Airways, Lufthansa suspend Cairo flights — British Airways and Lufthansa both said Saturday they were suspending flights to Cairo for unspecified reasons related to safety and security. The British carrier said it was canceling flights to the Egyptian capital for a week. The German airline said normal operations would resume Sunday. Both carriers delivered two-sentence statements via email. British Airways attributed its cancellations to what it called its constant review of security arrangements at all airports, calling them “a precaution to allow for further assessment.” Lufthansa said it was suspending its flights as a precaution, mentioning “safety” but not “security” as its concern.

American crocodiles thriving outside nuclear plant — American crocodiles, once headed toward extinction, are thriving at an unusual spot — the canals surrounding a South Florida nuclear plant. Last week, 73 crocodile hatchlings were rescued by a team of specialists at Florida Power & Light’s Turkey Point nuclear plant and dozens more are expected to emerge soon. Turkey Point’s 168-mile of man-made canals serve as the home to several hundred crocodiles, where a team of specialists working for FPL monitors and protects them from hunting and climate change. From January to April, Michael Lloret, an FPL wildlife biologist and crocodile specialist, helps create nests and ponds on berms for crocodiles to nest. Once the hatchlings are reared and left by the mother, the team captures them. They are measured and tagged with microchips to observe their development. Lloret then relocates them to increase survival rates.

Trump sends new mixed signals on ‘send her back’ chant — President Donald Trump on Saturday extended the debate over a chant of “send her back” at his campaign rally in North Carolina last week when he retweeted a right-wing British commentator with a long history of anti-Muslim remarks. Sending fresh mixed signals about his view of the chant directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Trump shared video of the episode posted by commentator Katie Hopkins, who has also said “Islam disgusts me.” Hopkins was celebrating the moment in Greenville, North Carolina, on Wednesday, suggesting that the crowd’s chant could be a new slogan for Trump’s reelection campaign.

6.5 million AT&T customers lose CBS — CBS, the nation’s most-watched television network, went dark for more than 6.5 million AT&T customers early Saturday after the two media giants couldn’t agree on a new contract. The network was cut off from AT&T’s satellite service DirecTV as well as the landline-delivered U-verse and DirecTV Now, the live streaming product. The companies had been negotiating for several weeks but failed to agree on pricing and streaming rights before the contract expired Saturday at 2 a.m. Eastern time. In a statement, CBS said it “made every effort to avoid this blackout” but that it wouldn’t agree to terms that “undervalue our hit programming.”

Buried bones found in Vatican’s search for girl — Less than 10 days after Vatican officials said they found no evidence that the daughter of an employee who disappeared 36 years ago had been buried in a cemetery inside Vatican City, a new foray there unearthed two ossuaries Saturday that contained unidentified human bones. Whether any of them belonged to the girl, Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared at age 15 in 1983, was not possible to say immediately. Laura Sgro, the Orlandi family lawyer, said the two ossuaries were underground, in a building adjacent to the cemetery, and that they contained “very many bones.” On Saturday, all the bones were gathered into 24 bags and sealed.