— From wire reports

Singer Phil Phillips (Song: “Sea of Love”) is 93. Former astronaut Frank Borman is 91. Actor Michael Caine is 86. Composer-conductor Quincy Jones is 86. Rock musician Walt Parazaider (formerly with Chicago) is 74. Comedian Billy Crystal is 71. Actor-writer-comedian-radio personality Rick Dees is 68. Country singer Jann Browne is 65. Prince Albert II, the ruler of Monaco, is 61. Rock musician Michael Bland is 50. Country singer Kristian Bush is 49. Actress Grace Park is 45. Actor Jake Fogelnest is 40. Singer-musician Taylor Hanson (Hanson) is 36. Actor Jamie Bell is 33. Rock musician Este Haim (Haim) is 33. Actor Ansel Elgort is 25. Olympic gold medal gymnast Simone Biles is 22.

Highlight: In 1964, a jury in Dallas found Jack Ruby guilty of murdering Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, and sentenced him to death. (Both the conviction and death sentence were overturned, but Ruby died before he could be retried.)

In 1794, Eli Whitney received a patent for his cotton gin, an invention that revolutionized America’s cotton industry.

In 1883, German political philosopher Karl Marx died in London at age 64.

In 1900, Congress ratified the Gold Standard Act.

In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an executive order designed to prevent Japanese laborers from immigrating to the United States as part of a “gentleman’s agreement” with Japan.

In 1962, Democrat Ted Kennedy officially launched his successful candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat from Massachusetts once held by his brother, John F. Kennedy. (The younger Kennedy would serve in the Senate for nearly 47 years.)

In 1965, Israel’s cabinet formally approved establishment of diplomatic relations with West Germany.

In 1967, the body of President John F. Kennedy was moved from a temporary grave to a permanent memorial site at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

In 1980, a LOT Polish Airlines jet crashed while attempting to land in Warsaw, killing all 87 people aboard, including 22 members of a U.S. amateur boxing team.

In 1990, the Soviet Congress of People’s Deputies held a secret ballot that elected Mikhail Gorbachev to a new, powerful presidency.

In 1998, India’s Congress party picked Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born widow of assassinated prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, as its new president.

In 2008, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama denounced inflammatory remarks from his pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who had railed against the United States and accused its leaders of bringing on the Sept. 11 attacks by spreading terrorism.

Ten years ago: Finance officials from rich and developing countries, meeting in Horsham, England, pledged to do “whatever is necessary” to fix the global economy. Altovise Joanne Gore Davis, a dancer and actress and the widow of Sammy Davis Jr., died in Los Angeles at age 65.

Five years ago: The West braced for a vote by the Crimean Peninsula to secede from Ukraine; calling the results all but a foregone conclusion, Secretary of State John Kerry urged Russia’s parliament against accepting any offer to claim Crimea as its own.

One year ago: Tens of thousands of students across the country walked out of their classrooms to demand action on gun violence and school safety. Stephen Hawking, the best-known theoretical physicist of his time, died at his home in Cambridge, England, at 76; he had stunned doctors by living with the normally fatal illness ALS for more than 50 years. President Donald Trump chose Larry Kudlow, a longtime fixture on the CNBC business news network, to be his top economic aide.