— From wire reports

Former Sen. John Warner, R-Va., is 92. Author Toni Morrison is 88. Singer Yoko Ono is 86. Actress Jess Walton is 73. Singer Dennis DeYoung is 72. Actress Sinead Cusack is 71. Singer Randy Crawford is 67. Actor John Travolta is 65. Game show host Vanna White is 62. Actor Matt Dillon is 55. Rapper Dr. Dre is 54. Actress Molly Ringwald is 51. Actress Sarah Brown is 44. Actor Ike Barinholtz is 42. Actor Kristoffer Polaha is 42. Actor Tyrone Burton is 40. Rock-singer musician Regina Spektor is 39. Opera singer Isabel Leonard is 37. Actress Sara Sutherland is 31. Actress Maiara Walsh is 31.

Highlight: In 2001, auto racing star Dale Earnhardt Sr. died in a crash at the Daytona 500; he was 49.

In 1546, Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, died in Eisleben.

In 1861, Jefferson Davis was sworn in as provisional president of the Confederate States of America in Montgomery, Alabama.

In 1913, Mexican President Francisco I. Madero and Vice President Jose Maria Pino Suarez were arrested during a military coup (both were shot to death Feb. 22).

In 1930, photographic evidence of Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.

In 1943, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, wife of the Chinese leader, addressed members of the Senate and then the House, becoming the first Chinese national to address both houses of the U.S. Congress.

In 1970, the “Chicago Seven” defendants were found not guilty of conspiring to incite riots at the 1968 Democratic national convention; five were convicted of violating the Anti-Riot Act of 1968 (those convictions were later reversed).

In 1977, the space shuttle prototype Enterprise, sitting atop a Boeing 747, went on its debut “flight” above Edwards Air Force Base in California.

In 1983, 13 people were shot to death at a gambling club in Seattle’s Chinatown in what became known as the Wah Mee Massacre.

In 1988, Anthony Kennedy was sworn in as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 1997, astronauts on the space shuttle Discovery completed their tune-up of the Hubble Space Telescope after 33 hours of spacewalking.

In 2003, an arson attack involving two South Korean subway trains in the city of Daegu claimed 198 lives (the arsonist was sentenced to life in prison.)

Ten years ago: President Barack Obama launched a $75 billion foreclosure rescue plan aimed at saving homes. Eric Holder, the nation’s first black attorney general, said in a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History Month that the United States was “a nation of cowards” on matters of race. Pope Benedict XVI received House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the Vatican, telling her that Catholic politicians had a duty to protect life “at all stages of its development.”

Five years ago: Megan Rice, an 84-year-old nun, was sentenced in Knoxville, Tennessee, to nearly three years in prison for breaking into a nuclear weapons complex and defacing a bunker holding bomb-grade uranium, a demonstration that exposed serious security flaws at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge. Maria Franziska von Trapp, 99, the last surviving member of the seven original Trapp Family Singers of “Sound of Music” fame (and stepdaughter of “the” Maria von Trapp), died in Stowe, Vermont.

One year ago: LeBron James scored 29 points and won his third NBA All-Star Game MVP award as his team beat the rival squad headed by Stephen Curry, 148-to-145.