Read the stories from The Bulletin's Faces of Homelessness series

Who are the real people impacted by skyrocketing housing prices, decisions about homeless shelters or plans to sweep informal camps? The Bulletin wants to offer insight by telling their stories through the series Faces of Homelessness. Every two weeks in 2022, Bulletin reporters introduced readers to a different homeless person. The series concluded in December, when reporters revisited the people they profiled and found that most remain homeless.

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I applaud the Bulletin for the series The Faces of Homelessness. The stories reminded me that each homeless person has his or her own story. Each one became homeless as the result of an experience or set of experiences that could have occurred to me or to ones I know and love. So, thank you for reducing that distance that makes it so easy to dismiss the plight of others. I am encouraged by local efforts to address the problem of homelessness.

Edie Jones

After reading Zach's column on the homeless articles and why he got into journalism I wanted to say thank you. I had the good fortune of inviting a "homeless woman" who had been living in her truck in Sisters, into my home for about three months. During that time I learned so much about my own biases and the worth of all people. She was a housemate that became a friend and we have stayed in touch. I am so glad I "took the chance" by reaching out when a need became apparent. I encourage others to do the same.

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