In an election year that threatens hurricane-force change on every level of Oregon politics, Ron Wyden is in the calm eye of the storm.

The governor’s office, open congressional seats and legislative majorities are up for grabs when election returns are revealed starting Tuesday night.

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It's not just the National GOP, it's the State GOP, too. They knew they stood no chance against Wyden, so instead of finding a sensible candidate, they let the Crazy QAnon Lady be their nominee again.


Good on former Sen. Gordon Smith for calling out Jo Rae Perkins as the nutty extremist she is. But it saddens me that mostly long retired with nothing to lose Republicans do that. I know several smart policy, moderate Oregon (and elsewhere) politicians who have changed the their party affiliation from R to I, but assiduously avoid leading the charge to take their party back from the Trumpers. I call them Vichy Republicans.


"The point is not moot in Wyden’s mind, given the atmosphere in the nation that has unleashed a streak of authoritarianism into politics. Those who promise order, but not law."

Apparently the journalist missed all of the opinion, speech and thought control imposed by illiberals and the Democrat controlled media.

Transitory Inflation

'the right mindset geared toward leading the state back toward a focus on morality and family values'

Come on now, this view can't still be getting votes, can it?

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